The Love Muscle

The Love Muscle


The Love Muscle is music that will make you dance, sing, and groove to the max. Tightly knit musical sections are accompanied by raw vocals, and these things keep the listener coming back for more.


The Love Muscle formed in Boston in 2008 to make listeners dance and rock. They have recorded two EPs (Fall 08 EP and Spring 09 EP) and are currently pursuing live performances. Their music channels the primal yet danceable pulse that bands such as The Pixies and Television perfected, and has lyrics reminiscent to the style of Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello.


The Substitutes EP - Streaming on

Fall 08 EP
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Spring 09 EP
-Coming Soon

Set List

Forgive Me
Phantom Limb
Bitchin Moanin
Amateur Advances
Coat Check
Noble Gases
False Alarms