The Love Shots

The Love Shots

 Elgin, Illinois, USA

The Love Shots are a rock n' roll band from Elgin, IL. Drawing influences from 50’s doo wop bands, punk bands such as The Ramones and The Misfits, as well as post-punk bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, etc… they have created a sound all their own.


The Love Shots are a rock n’ roll band from Elgin, IL. Drawing influences from 50’s doo wop bands, punk bands, as well as 80’s post-punk/new wave bands, they have created a sound all their own. They formed in 2007 with Danny Craig on guitar and Johnny Perrin on drums. Johnny and Rob Nelson had played in several bands prior to The Love Shots, so he was quickly picked up for bass duties and they’ve been playing heavily ever since. The Love Shots have had airtime on Local Anesthetic with Richard Milne (93.1WXRT), Local 101 with Chris Payne (Q101) and have appeared at various clubs in Chicago such as Metro, Reggie’s Rock Club, The Beat Kitchen, Martyrs and Subterranean. The Love Shots have played with the likes of The Misfits, Smoking Popes, Local H, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Cheap Girls, Southeast Engine, and The Tossers. This past summer, they completed their first full length album, “crooner.”, which was released in June on Bing Bang Records and is now available EVERYWHERE (…online… Rediscover Records… Reckless Records). Crooner hit number 7 on Critical Mass’ Top 10 albums of 2011 list.



Written By: Danny Craig

I know what you’re dreaming of
Always and I know you don’t want to stay

I’m not like the other ones around
Though my heart still beats
even though it’s dark and cold
Just like your soul
You know,

They’ll call us demolition
Say we ain’t got the time anyways
To realize what we’re missing
Realize what we’re missing

Though I know
You hate to cry
Sadly my dear
I’m not the one who’s telling lies

It’s a long, long road to nowhere
So I hope you’ve got the time
Sweet little girl of mine

They’ll call us demolition
But you couldn’t take it anymore
With all your hugs and kisses...


Written By: Danny Craig

Come on baby
Let’s have some fun
Just a rebel
Oh, a rebel on the run

You ain’t got no one to love
You know they might be right
Right or wrong for some

I’m not one to tame
Or play your little games

Go, go, go
Where I don’t
Know, know, know
Anywhere but here

Tricky woman can’t fool me twice
Or cause a problem
That I’m sure I would not like

Would you rather be with him tonight?
Not much to me girl
It would be just fine

I know it makes you blue
When you’re all alone
And no one wants to call you
On your telephone

Because things ain’t quite
What they used to be
Don’t you know?

Cradle Robber

Written By: Danny Craig

She tries to sing
but her voice gets hoarser
She can’t carry
a tune for much too long

Can you blame her for trying?
She’s only 20 and she’s dying
From the cancer
That causes all the pain

She wants to die in her own bed
But the doctor wouldn’t stand for it
You ain’t got the time

So she tries to run away
But her mind won’t let her
Ain’t it funny
When everything goes wrong?

They choose a nice bouquet
To be put in the graveyard
And she’s crying
She really wants to stay

Leave her alone
Cause she’s got places to go
So leave me alone
Cause I’ve got places to go
Away, away

Leave her alone, she’s got places to go…

Excuses, Excuses

Written By: Danny Craig

Death is only a problem for the living
And death is what I see upon your face tonight
You’d think it’d hurt, but it must work
Since everybody dies

You’ve had the coffin ready since December
And lined it up with his favorite things
Like satin sheets, and diamond rings
So he won’t feel alone

Take your time
Take your time
Since that’s all, you’ve won
That’s all, you’ve won

He gave a home photograph to his daughter
And left a little trinket for his son, as well
So he won’t be, lost in the sea
Like all those souls before

They found a little poison in his coffee
And that sneaky little bitch has got what’s coming to her
Took one to the head
And now she’s dead

Punctured Romance

Written By: Danny Craig

You took out your bow and arrow
And struck me where it counts
All that love went right through me
It ain’t nothin’ but a punctured romance
But baby you can’t even tell

I went to the chapel
And said a prayer for you
Satan’s got you in a choke hold girl
There ain’t nothing that a man can do


The Love Shots (Self Titled EP) - 2009
crooner. (LP) - 2011

Set List

We can play up to 1 hour (All originals),
Up to 1 hour (All covers),
or up to 2 hours (Original/Covers mix).

Covers include songs by Ramones, The Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Ronnettes, Eddie Cochran, Ritchie Valens, Gene Pitney, Del Vikings, The Gories, The White Stripes, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Joan Jett, Dion & The Belmonts, Blondie, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Daren, and Sam Cooke.