The Love Story

The Love Story


The Love Story were up next to a packed room, the kids really tore down the joint. It was good enough to send a lot of crappy Brooklyn rockers back to their rehearsal space early to play some catch-up. TLS were as sinuous and glossy as their new album's namesake. -Jaded Scenester


Molly Donahue. Renn Cheadle. Jason Trammell.
Spoon-fed from the sky and swaddled in noise.
Frequenters of Native American drum circles.
The Love Story: three wanderers that finally collided in NYC.
Rattle your bones and cut your teeth on original sounds that reverberate from the depths of the south to the lakes of the great white north.
The band's newest album, MINK, is an outstanding breakthrough in their distinct sound and is hailed as being their best work yet.
Recorded live in a small room with a golden wall it is the band's third release, following the Flight of Myself EP and self-titled LP.


MINK LP ©2009 Blonde Records
The Love Story LP ©2007 Blonde Records
Flight of Myself EP ©2004 Blonde Records

Songs are played regularly on many internet radio stations including KEXP's John in the Morning show, Little Radio LA, EastVillageRadio, BreakThru Radio, and Indie Pop Rocks on SOMA FM.

TLS has received hot reviews in magazines and music blogs such as The Big Takeover, Skyscraper, Cool'eh, Chromewaves, Crackers United, Milk Milk Lemonade, Rightround (song of the week), The Deli NYC (cd of the month).

Set List

30-40 minutes of noise pulled from our 30+ original song list. No Covers.