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"Songs of the Week 2/5-2/11"

The Love Story "such love"
This indie rock band from New York are not the cute pushovers you might expect from their name — they create dark, moody, fuzz-guitar laden rock songs. For fans of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey. -

"The Love Story"

Since early yesterday, cold Canadian air moved its way down through the Midwestern US and caused quite a stir here in central Ohio. 50 mph winds threw my power out of commission a few times last night while various car alarm devices sounded off in harmony out on the street. The chaotic percussion that starts today's featured track is exactly the sound I heard as the beat up windows of my old 1890's apartment building rattled endlessly. Slowly, this song builds in much the same way the Yo La Tengo 1995 classic Blue Line Swinger takes hold (of your brain.) The guitars linger perfectly while feeding you a constant dose of hum and accent strum. If you check this blog or the MySpace group with any regularity, you know that vocal performance is all important. Molly Donahue casts a delicate vocal delivery in which you are left with a distant sense of some commanding old soul. I can almost see the smile CT's Elizabeth Fraser or even Siouxsie might have upon hearing Molly's voice. Regardless of what little information I could find on this band, there are still a ton of links below so let's get to them.

The Love Story Is a New York City trio consisting of Molly Donahue (vocals, guitars), Renn Cheadle (guitars) and Jason Trammell (percussion, additional sounds/voice). The bio on the (old) The Love Story Website is vague at best. From what I read, Molly shared her recordings with Renn via snail mail when she was in Michigan. She, at some point, moved to Arizona for her day job but soon, after much badgering from Renn, left that career and moved to NYC to pursue music with him. The End... not really. There is now an (updated) The Love Story website that is a work in progress but has all of the essential links. The band's debut EP Flight Of Myself was released in 2004 and is still available through CD Baby for $8.99 USD. If you visit The Love Story MySpace Page some of the songs from that EP are available for stream and/or download. Today's featured song is one I found on the NYC online music magazine The Deli and will soon be released through the band's label Blonde Records as part of a full length album. Look for it in early 2007. - Milk Milk Lemonade

"CD of the Month!"

CD of the Month for January 2007 - the Deli Magazine NYC

"Song of the Month"

Song of the Month: "Bide"
The Love Story is a trio hailing from NYC with another killer female vocalist, Molly Donahue, laying waste to things. Recommended. - KRFC RadioFreeColorado

"The Love Story S/T"

I’ve been meaning to give NYC’s The Love Story a proper mention, been totally into their self-titled out now on Blonde Records. What better time than now as I hear a jackhammer go off across the street and another condo comes up in the city. Molly Donahue’s delicate yet moody vocals come off as soothing but at the same time agonized from the past. The semi disjointed drumming and percussion, single notes and fuzzed out chords seem to take their que around what Donahue cares to give us vocally. Fans of MBV or more recently of Midnight Movies be aware - Crackers United


Artist: The Love Story Track: "Groupie"
Something about a female vocalist singing in a hurt and angry way about a male groupie melted my face. First-ever LP from this NY rock band. Big things. - Cool'eh Mag

"MINK -jack rabid"

More like 2007's eponymous LP than 2004's debut Flight of Myself, Mink is more top-shelf slowcore-moodcore form a city not that known for it - my own. (Well, outside of the louder, more abrasive Codeine.) The ingredients that made The Love Story a tantalizing, pulsing-while-lurching head-scratcher remain, even without Steve Albini to record the trio this time: the hushed menace of bass parts played on guitar as lead instrument; Renn Cheadle's spiraling, mesmeric. tense guitar parts surrounding like a nightmare in shadowplay; Jason Trammell's spare drumming that sometimes feels like he's playing double-time to his somnambulant mates; and Molly Donahue's cooing, breathy vocals, like Pauline Murray of Penetration as an evil eighth grader. Like a slow-moving horror flick without dimwitted special effects, Mink will make your skin crawl -slowly, slowly. (

-Jack Rabid
The Big Takeover - The Big Takeover

"MINK fire drill review"

Mink is a 30 minute wall of sound and reverb that keeps a steady pace and drones with a set purpose. The Love Story proves that you can slowcore in compact pieces and not conform to one speed or lengthy tracks like in the rowdy under 2 minute opener "Passerby". The group has bursts of energy that oozes out of their songs, which state their case in 3 to 4 minutes that is perfect to keep listeners and provide solid repeat plays! - The Fire Note

"flight of myself EP"

This New York trio keep their compositions short and sweet, running through six tracks in just under 11 minutes. Molly Donahue's sighing, siren-like vocals are the focal point, often acting as another instrument - such is her penchant for countering her lead vocal with her own backing vocals! She can stop you dead in your tracks, as on the gorgeous, Nico-like "Build A House," or grab you by the jugular on the confrontational "The Four." Elsewhere, the band combines both gentle and aggressive sides on the closing title track, which builds to a staggering crescendo. It's too bad these all seem like too-short snippets instead of fully-formed songs, but if this EP is "a taste of things to come," as the band promises, then we can't wait for what might lie ahead. - The Big Takeover


There is a pantheon of shitty bands in my fair New York City. Every Yeah Yeah Yeahs begats a million imitators light years crappier than the mediocrity that spawned them. Here, more bands have publicists than they do vans. The Love Story break that mold, and we should all be grateful for it. Singer/guitarist Molly Donahue had swapped songs long-distance with guitarist Renn Cheadle after he taught her a few chords in college, but The Love Story came together formally in 2004 with Donahue's relocation to New York City. The addition of drummer/sound manipulator Jason Trammel made The Love Story a fully-operational Death Star, combining nineties guitar-driven indie rock like Throwing Muses with the experimentation of last-century's Simple Machines bands (Retsin, Liquorice). Donahue's vocals soar over Cheadle's single-note lines and Trammel's tribal rhythms, creating a beautiful maelstrom of sound that is well informed of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine without resorting to the slavish parroting that many bands who tread noisier musical paths exhibit. The Love Story get points for understanding space as well, using light and shade to support the song rather than pounding it down your throat with walls of noise and screaming. Bands like this make me proud to be a New Yorker. There are a whole lot more who should take the hint.
-Rob Browning, Skyscraper Magazine - Skyscraper Magazine


MINK LP ©2009 Blonde Records
The Love Story LP ©2007 Blonde Records
Flight of Myself EP ©2004 Blonde Records

Songs are played regularly on many internet radio stations including KEXP's John in the Morning show, Little Radio LA, EastVillageRadio, BreakThru Radio, and Indie Pop Rocks on SOMA FM.

TLS has received hot reviews in magazines and music blogs such as The Big Takeover, Skyscraper, Cool'eh, Chromewaves, Crackers United, Milk Milk Lemonade, Rightround (song of the week), The Deli NYC (cd of the month).



Molly Donahue. Renn Cheadle. Jason Trammell.
Spoon-fed from the sky and swaddled in noise.
Frequenters of Native American drum circles.
The Love Story: three wanderers that finally collided in NYC.
Rattle your bones and cut your teeth on original sounds that reverberate from the depths of the south to the lakes of the great white north.
The band's newest album, MINK, is an outstanding breakthrough in their distinct sound and is hailed as being their best work yet.
Recorded live in a small room with a golden wall it is the band's third release, following the Flight of Myself EP and self-titled LP.