the low countries

the low countries


'Indie-folk at its best' Folk Radio UK...sums us up really. Banjo, guitars, vocals and sundry other instruments combine with glorious melodies in odes to apples, sacrifice, putty and wino-strength beer (amongst other things). Fantastic songs ranging from alt-country to droney acid folk pop.


Stupendously great songs played extremely well have given The Low Countries a great and loyal following in the UK and beyond. Signed to Nub Country Records in 2007 they released their debut album 'hypericum perforatum ' to fantastic reviews:

'Indie folk at it's best with a home grown realism...I love it' ©

'english psyche pop folk masterpiece - syd barrett meets nick drake with glorious beatles harmonies and northern wit - album of the year - " MBop Magazine

'..The Low Countries: splendid melancholia which sounds like a North Country version of Golden Smog or Josh Rouse. Nigel Parrington is definitely onto something” Howard Byrom, The Lancaster Guardian 4 05 07

"Really tasty stuff - a little beauty!!" Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (
"Beautiful South meets Richard Thompson...really fine mellow tunes" Fresh Air FM

'shades of Ryan Adams...Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris...elsewhere Tell Her could be lifted from the Beatles' back catalogue...'

'warm acoustic-based americana-infused blend of classic songwriting. Melodies, harmonies, middle-eights and banjo combine to soothe your weary heads' Opposite of Robot Promotions

Indie Music Lounge 'Artist of the Month'

'Outstandingly good..' the hairless heart herald

Nigel has always been influenced by great songwriters such as Richard Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and many many others and in 2007 formed The Low Countries together with Els and Wes to best perform his songs. They were initially brought together by a common adoration of the Wicker Man and its music. In the spring of 2008 they recorded a concept album 'the failing of the strains'...a soundtrack to an imaginary prequel to the Wicker Man. The album has garnered rave reviews and is a big hit live...a cult classic.
They are currently rehearsing more new material and planning their 3rd release in 2009.


2007 'hypericum perforatum' Nub Country Records
Airplay on BBC radio, Diversity FM and online (folk radio uk)
2008 'the failing of the strain' Nub Country Records
Airplay on Diversity FM

Set List

a typical set is 30 minute though 2 hours is also no problem. Covers include 'Willow's Song' 'Across the Universe' and 'Gently Johnny'

learning in the ways of love
hole in my heart
handmaid's blush
God's got his plans
nature nurture
this is now
sunny day
if only
forever comes