The Lowdown

The Lowdown


At the moment, we are70% covers%30 orig.We strive for High Energy , A large ever changing cover list from classic,roots,blues,,Jam,Jazz,Funk,The whole mixed bag of what we we think people want to here,the originals are a result of this big bag of stuff we all like.


Jon&Dan have played together for about 7 years,from another band,(Domestic Blend): They opened for Melvin Seals(J. Garicia Band),David Nelson,Ensley performed in 1994 at the Woodstock reunion,In Bethel,NY;Ensley hs also opened for Poco,Ensley,who is the primary songwriter; is influenced from Dylan,Gratefull Dead,Jimi Herron,Srv,George Benson,Herbie Hancock,Larry Keel,John Scofeild,Gospel,Jazz,Blues,Jazz,Rock,Traditional,Jam


Capture the Flag

Written By: Jon Ensley

There was a time when all that I knew was new

And all that I really ever had to do
was keep on Running

To capture the flag in the open feild;
to enter the highway and never yeild and keep on driving

Then the season changed
under cloak and veil
and it was getting to hard to even tell that I was dreaming

So I captured the flag and brought it home;burried the prise just like a bone in the morning


Currently recording ,Go to www.myspace/ for some live tunes

Set List

Artist we cover: The Gratefull Dead, Bob Dylan,James Brown,Cream,B.B. King,The Talking Heads,Jimi Hendrix,The Rolling Stones ,Chicago(Early),Songs in the public domain,We can deliver an all Blues show,for a blues only venue or event,Too many covers to mention, but plenty of original material, as needed.Electric or unpplugged