the lowdown fancy

the lowdown fancy

 Springfield, Missouri, USA

the lowdown fancy brings the ruckus and we want to bring it to your town. We play an eclectic mix of original rock, funk, folk, bluegrass, rap, jazz and americana.


the lowdown fancy combines a former opera singer, a grizzled bluegrass veteran, a mean funky drummer with mad rhyme skills, a tasty charismatic guitar player, and a hard hitting bassist to crank out an eclectic rootsy mix of funky americana. With a special emphasis on vocal harmonies and an authentic if sometimes quirky songwriting voice, we always come to play and bring an explosive dynamic to the stage, reveling in the show as much as the crowd. We've played regionally around the midwest in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Illinois and with the release of our debut album 'The Duke of Findlay' we're more ready than ever to come share some music. the lowdown fancy has shared the stage with national and regional acts such as Dan Tyminski, Big Smith, Speakeasy,and the Hillbenders. Equally at home in front of festival crowds and in small rowdy honkytonks we're a hard working band and would love to come play for you.


The Duke of Findlay(2011)

Set List

A typical night for us is 3-4 hours, 2-3 sets made up of 12-15 songs each.

Originals include, but not limited to:

Woman Done Left
Midnight Run
Last Good Man
Eternal Boogie
Verse & Gin
Songs for the Deaf
The Goddess Song
Hindu Reggae
Bluegrass Bullshit
Funky Lovin' Beanpole
Round the Bend
The Rolldown
Drug War
Time for Trouble
Tie My Hands

Cover repertoire includes: Frank Zappa, Aloe Blacc, Stevie Wonder, David Allan Coe, Ween, Bill Monroe & Pink Floyd, Cake, Otis Redding, Taj Mahal, The Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary, traditional bluegrass and folk songs, Young MC, Paul Simon, James Brown, the Grateful Dead and many more.