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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Hip Hop




"The Lower Class – 89"

The Lower Class have received regular bumpage on Word Is Bond for quite some time now, and we’ve tracked their descent into the mellow, chilled vibe they are known for today. ’89' is a track from their upcoming deluxe re-release of their successful Wingfield LP, due to be released at the end of the month month, and it’s very fresh, right from the minimilist synth beat to the nonchalance of the lyrics. The Texan trio have a lot of potential, so it’s exciting to see what this re-release can do for them and what they will bring to the project, but while we wait on that get familiar with ’89' and the original Wingfield, both of which can be obtained without a penny. - the word is bond

"The Lower Class - Extraneous"

I have never had an appetite for human flesh, so naturally I have never had a reason to try Bath salts. However, I can write with extreme confidence that you might feel like you are tripping off the popular designer drug after watching the visuals for The Lower Class’ new jam, Extraneous. Although the trio’s refreshing style, constructed by clever wordplay, charismatic deliveries, and jazzy production from group member ImaGenius, will entertain, the visuals for this tune are the true highlight. Group member Kartune, who also spits a verse, sketches an impressive set of animated visuals that really brings the lyrics to life. You can find Extraneous on the group’s free Wigfield album, out now. Not sure you want to take the time to download the set? Jump into their last DJBooth feature, July’s The Proof, to help sweeten the deal.4 - DJ Booth

"The Lower Class - Sound in the Soul"

The first single from Texas collective The Lower Class’ upcoming album Wingfield. - Kevin Nottingham

"Mental Health Break"

A trippy rap video from The Lower Class. - Andrew Sullivan: The Daily Beast

"Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

This is something different, but I’m not mad at it at all. The artist that sent this over is an aspiring animator and rapper based out of San Marcos, TX. The Lower Class are an up and coming Texas trio with indie blogs already buzzing about their sound.

Check out their video for “Extraneous” - Steph Floss

"The Lower Class Remains True to Themselves"

The Lower Class sits down for an interview with Bobcat Fan - Bobcat Fans Magazine

"The Lower Class - Sound in the Soul"

“Too hype to stay in one place like Flavor Flav in ’88.”
The Lower Class come from San Marcos, Texas and just want to grow to be like the Hip Hop legends they admired as youngsters. They express such in this mellow jam, “The Sound In The Soul”. You can listen to the record and download it below. - Ruby Hornet

"Vimeo Staff Pick: Extraneous"

If you’re in the market for some sweet tunage and silly animations, The Lower Class have got the goods. -From Vimeo Tumblr - Vimeo

"The Lower Class - Extraneous (Official Video)"

Blogs Apple Juice Break and Oh So fresh give you a tour into the minds of the Lower Class with an animated take on their track “Extraneous”. Their latest mixtape Wingfield is currently available for free download on bandcamp. With the help of Bluroc/DD172, a remastered deluxe edition of Wingfield will be released which will include bonus tracks featuring Mckenzie Eddy. - Barrel House Bkly

"The Lower Class – Extraneous"

[Russian] - Drugoy

"The Lower Class – Extraneous (Video)"

Apple Juice Break and Oh So fresh give you a tour into the minds of The Lower Class with an animated take on their track Extraneous. Watching this doesn't feel like a mushroom trip at all... trust me. (laughs) You can cop this joint from their latest project... Wingfield. Ready, set, go! - Donuts and Milk

"The Lower Class – Extraneous // Music Video & Free Album"

Blogs Apple Juice Break and Oh So fresh give you a tour into the minds of the Lower Class with an animated take on their track “Extraneous”. Their latest mixtape Wingfield is currently available for free download on bandcamp. With the help of Bluroc/DD172, a remastered deluxe edition of Wingfield will be released which will include bonus tracks featuring Mckenzie Eddy. - Robot Mafia

"The Lower Class - Extraneous"

See my logo? That piece of art was created by an artist by the name of Xavier Palin (aka Kartune) of The Lower Class based out of San Marcos, Texas. Days before I met Xavier I only had a rough idea about what I wanted the Electric Tooth logo/mascot to look like. I had just come up with the name and I knew I wanted a cartoonist to make the logo/mascot since I have the artistic merit of a five year old. After programming all week in a cubical, frustrated, dispassionate and tired, I was ready to get out of the four walls. I happened to get in contact with a friend that was seeing a show down at Red 7, so I jumped in my ride and headed downtown. As I hid my burnt out eyes behind a feign untroubled smile, I was introduced to Xavier who had just finished performing. After a brief chat, he showed me the shirts he designed. I was thoroughly impressed and instantly knew I wanted to work with Xavier. The next day I visited The Lower Class Bandcamp and was blown away. Not only did Xavier have an incredible talent to draw, his hip-hop group was soulful and had a genuine sound I just couldn’t ignore.

It brings me extreme pleasure to feature The Lower Class – Extraneous off their album Wingfield. - Electric Tooth


Through muddy synths and earth tone plucks, The Lower Class expresses the meaning behind “89? on their new single. Produced by in-house beatsmith imaGenius, the trio continues to press on with the same thesis that made previous tracks such as “The Sound In The Soul” worthwhile listens, traditional rhymes about general life in the vein of A Tribe Called Quest and the Native Tongues. Didn’t think those existed in San Marcos? Well prepare for The Lower Class’ re-release of Wingfield due in March with features from Mackenzie Eddy. - day and a dream

"Sunday Viewing: The Lower Class - Extraneous"

Texas hip-hop trio The Lower Class just released this awesome animated video for “Extraneous” created by Kartune who makes up one third of their trio. - exfm

"The Lower Class - Extraneous"

The Lower Class put out this sick animated visual for their dope song "Extraneous". I've always been a fan of animation in music videos and this is the best of the best. With odes to Shadow of Colossus, Yoshi, and the Justice League, you can tell their good taste runs deeper than music. The song is from their newest mixtape Wingfield which is available for free download on their Bandcamp. Get that. - Cool on Purpose

"The Lower Class “Extraneous” Video | @welowerclass"

Man, this year has started off with some serious visuals and it is going to be hard to keep up at this rate. I just found this diamond in the rough inbox from The Lower Class. Dig Extraneous, y’all. - Bringing Down the Band

"Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

The Lower Class release some new animated visuals for their track "Extraneous". - You Heard That New

"Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

The Lower Class release some new animated visuals for their track "Extraneous". - You Heard That New

"Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

The Lower Class release some new animated visuals for their track "Extraneous". - You Heard That New

"Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

The Lower Class release some new animated visuals for their track "Extraneous". - You Heard That New


If you're in the mood for a trippy animated music video, we've got just the thing for you. The video for the Lower Class's 'Extraneous' is a melting pot of crudely illustrated characters, crazy human-food-animal-and otherwise hybrids, and much more. Add in some eyebrow raising transition and you've got yourself a fun afternoon. Well, a fun few minutes, anyways.
- Awesome Robo

"The Lower Class – Extraneous (Video)"

You’re in for a Christmas treat and a celebration as we now enter the Aquarius age! Together with Oh So fresh we launched The Lower Class album ‘Wingfield’ now we give you a tour into the minds of the Lower Class with an animated take on their track “Extraneous”. Their latest mixtape Wingfield is currently available for free download on bandcamp. With the help of Bluroc/DD172, a remastered deluxe edition of Wingfield will be released which will include bonus tracks featuring Mckenzie Eddy. - Apple Juice Break

"The Lower Class:: "89":: Audio"

As you might remember we & Oh So Fresh! gave you The Lower Class LP ‘Wingfield’ a little while back, and now here’s a slight update to give you latest of whats going on with this dope up and coming group! We’re hyped to tell you that they are in the final process of the Wingfield Delux Edition in partnership by PlayNetwork which will be released March 29th. The deluxe version will feature some bonus tracks featuring people like Blurock president and McKenzie Eddy + the latest single “89?.

Lower Class, “89? laying down throwback references and delving into the influence golden era hip hop had on generations of music lovers and is backed by original production from LC member imaGenius, the group continues to venture sonically into soulful territory even without the use of samples which they are more known for. Also we’re told that there will be some visuals for “89? around March so be ready for a sweet treat - apple juice break

"Music Video: The Lower Class – Extraneous"

Austin, Texas collective The Lower Class are the latest talented act to be signed under BluRoc/DD172’s. The media group is known for collaborating with artist like Curren$y, Ski Beatz, Murs, and a bunch of other names you are vastly familiar with. It goes without saying that this is a milestone for The Lower Class and the music video “Extraneous” proves they will maximize this opportunity. Beautifully animated by the Lower Class own Kartune, the colors explode off the screen. It’s artsy and entertaining-exactly how i like my women. Be on the look out for the re-release of The Lower Class “Wingfield“. - Tapedeck


Back in August we team up with Apple Juice Break to sponsor a Texas trio of rappers called The Lower Class and their mixtape Wingfield. For their young age and only recent forming, we were pretty impressed, but we weren't the only ones who caught on to these kids either as they will release a re-mastered version of their mixtape with some help from Bluroc Records and DD172. Today, we present you their new animated video for the song "Extraneous," which was drawn by The Lower Class member Kartune. Watch below. - Oh So Fresh!

"The Lower Class – Extraneous (Video)"

Le trio américain The Lower Class nous dévoile leur dernier clip pour le titre Extraneous. Réalisée par Kartune, membre du groupe, la vidéo d’animation marrante et colorée, ce qui colle parfaitement à ce morceau de rap sur fond de flute. Le titre est disponible en téléchargement gratuit ci-dessous. - We Are The Mascotte

"[Music] The Lower Class- 89"

If you don’t know who these guys are, The Lower Class are an up and coming hip hop trio who bring a contemporary spin on mid 90's era hip hop. With soul/jazz induced samples and lyrical prowess, many have compared the collective to De La Soul. In partnership with PlayNetwork, The Lower Class return with the release of their latest single “89“. Lyrically, the track favors laying down throwback references and delving into the influence golden era hip hop had on generations of music lovers. Backed by original production from LC member imaGenius, the group continues to venture sonically into soulful territory even without the use of samples which they are more known for. Expect to see visuals for “89? in March as The Lower Class readies to soon drop the deluxe edition of their mixtape “Wingfield’, which will include bonus tracks featuring Bluroc president and artist Mckenzie Eddy - Live a Good Life

"Best Of 2012: The Lower Class - “Extraneous”"

Seems like everyone is coming through with the heat in the last few days of 2012. Here is the extremely well-executed and artful music video for the track “Extraneous” by BluRoc/DD172’s latest signed act, Texas hip hop group The Lower Class. The video was animated by The Lower Class’ own, Kartune. TLC’s recent release Wingfield will be re-mastered and re-packaged through BluRoc with added on features by BluRoc’s own McKenzie Eddy. - Back 2 Pluto


The rap trio The Lower Class is back with a new song called "89" that will be on their deluxe release of Wingfield, which we were one of the sponsors on. Keeping true to their style and in house grind, the song finds a soulful tune produced by member imaGenius along with some throwback wordplay. The group has come a long way since we first posted them on Unsigned Fridays back in 2011, but it has been a great progression ever since. Keep rocking with these dudes as their potential has only begun.
In March The Lower Class will drop the deluxe edition of their mixtape Wingfield, which will include bonus tracks featuring Bluroc president and artist Mckenzie Eddy. But for now, stream and download "89" below. - oh so fresh music

"LISTEN: The Lower Class - Flight of Ideas"

San Marcos, TX hip hop group The Lower Class is a well mixed drink of the finest brands of hip hop -- from Jurassic 5 to A Tribe Called Quest. They balance, or rather back, bravado with smart rhymes that might just leave you scratching your head as they run circles around you with their wordplay. It says a lot about their palette of inspiration and wit when they manage to reference everything from Johnny Cash to Pokemon to mathematics and physics with purpose -- almost as if they're giving you a research paper's worth of support for their declarations and theories. And on their debut LP, Flight of Ideas, The Lower Class' s astute rhymes are all the more effective and thought-provoking thanks to their eclectic production on each of the 11 tracks: elements of jazz, soul, classical, electropop,'s all here.

If you want clever, fun, deep, soulful, eclectic, and memorable hip hop, look no further. Flight of Ideas is easily one of the most eclectic and dynamic hip hop releases I've heard recently. - Mixtape Muse

"imaGenius - Garage Sale"

ImaGenuis (of The Lower Class) released his vintage-inspired beat tape “Garage Sale” on the 25th of April. The J. Dilla-inspired tape features 26 sample-driven tracks and 4 original creations that will “take your ears on low-fi journey to relaxation, bringing you back to the days of old cassette tapes” and serves as a preview to the group’s upcoming LP “Wingfield.” - Crayon Beats

"Download: imaGenius "Garage Sale""

Visually, you’re drawn to The Lower Class’ resident producer imaGenius’ new beat tape for all the little easter eggs you find stashed away. There’s a Dr. Doom mask stashed away in the corner, a half bitten Donut sitting on the fence and a toy robot peeking around the corner. We’re not going to ruin the obvious homages paid there but production wise, Garage Sale is sporadic and spritely off shoots that differs mightly from The Lower Class’ stake towards washed out 90s Native Tounges work.
The militaristic drive of “Kirei No Uta” has late night Cartoon Network anime written over it with a Nujables sort of harmony towards it and Genius even tosses us a bone with the lovely sample based “The Answer”. Not even moving past enough time to have a full course meal, Garage Sale acts more like a firesale for your attention. It’s here, acknowledge it and if you find something you like – take it. Stream the beat tape below & download it via Bandcamp. - Day & A Dream

"I Don't Sleep: imaGenius - Garage Sale"

maGenius of The Lower Class released his debut beat tape “Garage Sale” yesterday but I didn’t catch it until I saw it on Beat Tape Co-Op earlier this afternoon. In either event, don’t sleep on it… - Producers I Know

"I Don't Sleep: imaGenius - Garage Sale"

maGenius of The Lower Class released his debut beat tape “Garage Sale” yesterday but I didn’t catch it until I saw it on Beat Tape Co-Op earlier this afternoon. In either event, don’t sleep on it… - Producers I Know

"The Lower Class - Game Over"

The Lower Class' music is anything but. They have some serious flows that they parade all over this exceptional beat that any real gamer will find nostalgic. Go straight from here to download their Flight of Ideas mixtape. You'll be doing yourself a favor. - Cool on Purpose

"The Lower Class - Flight of Ideas"

The Lower Class is an alternative hip hop trio formed in San Marcos, composed of Josh Tatum (Pliny Science), Anthony Torres (imaGenius), Xavier Palin (Kartune). This debut album is great, thats why i like new artists because they are alway try to do the best. I love the flow, but the productions are the best ! I dont know why they call this indie or alternative, because this is hip hop for me, that freedome and difference. Another great thing is that you wouldnt concider these guy as a rappers. Look at the photo below – thats what i like most, when you have your faith inside not outside. Its free to download. And i recently found out, there is a video clip to banger from this album/mixtape – Game Over, watch it below. - BJ Piggo

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

I’ve been looking forward to this one and the time has finally come. These southern dudes have some of the best beats that I’ve heard from an up and coming act, I can’t wait to check and see how this entire LP sounds. - Fashionably Early

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

(Translated) Texas is in the middle of a small town names San Marcos. Who has never heard of it does, in fact, not be ashamed and make his geography teacher not blame you. Besides the fact that there the Texas State University is located (home to almost as many students, as the city has a population), there's not much special. Another highlight I have however discovered a few weeks ago: A hip-hop trio that is the simple name The Lower Class has given. They met the guys have while studying at the TSU, the first mixtape was released late last year. My attention they could but only with the successor named "Wingfield" gain, which now regularly echoes through my speakers. About extremely relaxed instrumentals, the areas are mostly in jazz and soul samples and crewmember imaGenius were produced, rapping with the three MCs almost as casual flows, and present their lyrical finesse demonstrated. According to the press release, the themes are on the play "The Glass Menagerie" by the U.S. writer Tennessee Williams ajar. Because of this I do not know but I can not really dwell on it. The texts are in any case mostly philosophical, Battlerap find not really. According to the company are the central themes of memory, nostalgia, Vergägnglichkeit and interpersonal relationships. You should listen to but even better, because musically, especially the whole thing was really implemented very appealing. Since the story is for free, you should strike anyway, if you're into this mellow form of hip-hop! - Hip Hop Aint Dead

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

It feels like I've been waiting for this day for a long time. After months of hype, The Lower Class has finally released their album, Wingfield. First, The Sound in the Soul was release as a single back in March, and then followed up with The Proof a couple of months ago. The Lower Class' producer, imaGenius, also released a beat tape, Garage Sale, in April to tease the sounds of Wingfield even more. It's safe to say that I've built up a craving of what the outcome of Wingfield might sound like. Thankfully, a few days ago I was granted access to listen through The Lower Class' phenomenal album. The trio of San Marcos, Texas didn't hold anything back on Wingfield, and have come up with a go to work for any hip-hop head. imaGenius' dusty vinyl, sample driven beats are the perfect backdrop for he, Kartune, and Pliny Science to lay down some of the best verses I've heard all year. I really couldn't express my excitement enough for this album. I could go on all day breaking down everything heard on Wingfield, but I'd rather you just listen and experience it for yourself. Wingfield is free to download. You'd be crazy to pass up on this one! - The Record Stache

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

After a weekend of nonsense, Sunday nights are perfect for mellow jazzy hip-hop. Ignoring the fact that you probably won’t read this until later in the week, I’ll just go ahead and pretend this new mixtape from Texas hip-hop trio The Lower Class is finding you at the perfect time. If not, I’m sure it sounds great on Tuesdays too. Anyway, over an eclectic mix of laid-back beats provided by imaGenius, these three emcees aren’t afraid to hide their 90s-era influences. The result is the kind of mixtape that’ll likely tempt you into putting it on in the background as you work on other things, only to keep distracting you with clever wordplay and storytelling. Check out a couple favorites of mine below and stream/download the whole thing over on their bandcamp page. - Fishy Tunes

"Free Album: The Lower Class - Wingfield"

allow me to reintroduce the lower class, the hip-hop trio from san marcos. i posted about these fellas back in december, and they’ve resurfaced with a new release. my intial comparisons of lupe fiasco and ATCQ still stand for their new album wingfield, which dips its toes in a more focused and streamlined pool of production and ideas. the soul and jazz samples are plentiful, as the group wanted to tackle themes of nostalgia, escapism and abandonment.

i’m a little more than halfway through this album and i’m very impressed thus far – and definitely looking forward to sitting down with the whole release. stream it via bandcamp and as a token of their appreciation, download it for free. - We Wore Mask

"The Lower Class - The Sound in the Soul"

My first thought upon hearing this track by Kartune, imaGenius and Pliny Science? I flashed back to west coast underground groups such as Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief. They definitely exude that kind of vibe. The numerous references to golden era emcees and groups definitely let you know that they've had their ears tuned to a lot more than music from the past 5 years. They also have some of the best track visuals I've seen in a while (to the left). The trio, hailing from San Marcos, Texas, is ramping up to release their upcoming project, entitled Wingfield. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that title, but it certainly brings to mind more airy, relaxing vibes such as this single. Peep more of their music on their Soundcloud. - Artistic Manifesto

"Audio: The Lower Class - Sound in the Soul"

This might be my first artist feature coming out of San Marcos, Texas.

The Lower Class have a track called, “The Sound in the Soul” produced by group member imaGenius
and visuals by Matt Winslett.

This track will be featured on their upcoming project, Wingfield set to drop on August 31st. - I Heart Dilla

"The Lower Class - Skills Up"

The Lower Class is an alternative hip hop trio formed in San Marcos, Texas composed of Josh Tatum (Pliny Science), Anthony Torres (imaGenius), Xavier Palin (Kartune). Sound wise, their music is boom-bap-ish, but infused with new sounds and is similar to that of Cool Kids, Pac Div or Das Racist. This track is off their recently released mixtape entitled ‘Flight of Ideas‘. - LiveAGL

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

Greetings earth people ... When I speak of music is usually hip hop, hip hop prod-jazzy or both.
And I find myself once again to tell you about a pearl jazzy hip-hop / offered by the soul trio Wingfield . A long format of 10 titles all the more good than others that will delight fans of the genre, and it's free download: - The Chemistry Magazine

"New Album: The Lower Class Wingfield"

From the Texas trio Josh Tatum (Pliny Science), Anthony Torres (imaGenius) and Xavier Palin (Kartune) joined forces releasing an album Wingfield. The Lower Class using themes from "The Glass Menagerie" by American playwright Tennessee Williams , raises important, although often uncomfortable topics, talking about relationships, leaving, the problems faced by the society. The intelligent use of jazz and soul samples makes the music page provides a variety of production (but maintained the characteristic of the Convention), which interacts with giving food for thought lyrics. Serious topics listed in easily digestible form, in whole to consummate the ichniejszym bandcampie . A "stock" you can listen to the song "The Proof," which fell into my speakers as the first, and meant that I reached for more. - Soulbowl.PL

The Lower Class deservedly gained some recognition since the release of their debut project, Wingfield, last August. The Texas trio consisting of Kartune, imaGenius, and Pliny Science are now gearing up for a Deluxe Edition release of Wingfield, complete with bonus tracks.

"89" is the The Lower Class' latest single, and first taste of what these bonus tracks might sound like. Where Wingfield is made up of laid back, soul samples, "89" has more of an edge to it's sound. Dedicated to the greatness of hip-hop's Golden Era, the new single is pretty well titled, since 1989 was smack dab in the middle of the time period. A year where the Old School style had officially died off and a new generation of rappers and producers continually evolved the genre.

Visuals for "89" are expected to release sometime in March. If it's anything like the Lower Class' last video, it should be interesting. - the record stache

"New Music: The Lower Class – 89"

The Lower Class of San Marcos, TX recently released their new single “89? from their upcoming project “Wingfield”, which will be available on March 29th. This single captures the essence of hip-hop with mentions of what made hip-hop the driving factor that it became. Tracks like this is what made me fall in love with hip-hop in the first place.
The beat which was produced by imaGenius of the lower class smooth and slightly progressive without being outrageous. The lyrics are delivered with superb clarity and the message is delivered without any type of confusion. Check out the song below and if you like it support these guys by getting “Wingfield” on March 29th. - nikki siixx

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

(translated from Russian) Hear the long awaited album from The Lower Class - Drugoy

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

I stumbled onto The Lower Class’s music when we were searching for more TGLR writers. Ever since then, I’ve been a pretty big fan of their music. The group has finally dropped their sophomore effort which I spotted over at one of my favorite sites, TheTapeDeck. Peep The Lower Class’s newest project, Wingfield, and download the entire mixtape for your own listening pleasure. - Tha Good Life Reviews

"Sponsored: The Lower Class "Wingfield""

Who would have thought that a group we posted on Unsigned Friday, would transition into something we decided to sponsor? Their latest tape called Wingfield, is a new collection of hip hop jams all produced, written, and recorded by the trio. The progression continues as they gain more experience and they already have made huge strides in their sound. We teamed up with Apple Juice Break to sponsor this tape and hope you will enjoy it as much as we have so far. Big things in the future for The Lower Class, stay tuned. - Oh So Fresh

"AJB & Oh So Fresh Presents - Wingfield LP Free Download"

The Lower Class team up with us @ Apple Juice Break and the blog Oh So Fresh, to release their much anticipated street album ‘Wingfield’. If you have been following our feed you know we have been featuring this Texas based group since their release of ‘Flight of Ideas‘, which we picked as one of our favorite rookie projects 2011, so it’s only right we’re joining forces to present Wingfield to you! - Apple Juice Break

"Free Download - The Lower Class "Wingfield""

Incorporating themes from Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie, The Lower Class give their insight on memory, nostalgia, escapism, dynamics of relationships and abandonment. Wait till the soulful sample kicks in on “Higher”, our favorite track off the album. - The Find Magazine

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

The Lower Class release their second full-length release. This is one I’ve been tracking for some time, as they switch up styles to a more mellow, soulful sound. Still dope though, and you can enjoy the delights of the Texans after the jump. - The Word is Bond

"The Lower Class - Sound in the Soul"

Just got some new music from The Lower Class. This joint has a really dope flow. The word is that this will be featured on their new project entitled Wingfield - Donuts & Milk

"The Lower Class - Wingfield"

You may remember The Lower Class from their fantastic single “The Sound In The Soul”. If you like dthat, you should really enjoy their new album Wingfield. The band just released it via music blogs Oh So Fresh! & Apple Juice Break, and it’s available to stream/download for free at bandcamp.

The trio make easy flowing rap that sounds like a throwback to the days where rap was a lot more easy going. They almost go back to the early 90s days of NYC rap that is easily my favorite time period of hip-hop.

Grab the album here, or take a listen below after the jump. - We All Want Someone to Shout For

"Track Review - The Proof"

The Lower Class may have a surprisingly modest moniker for a rising rap crew, but don’t get it twisted: the San Marcos trio are one of the Lone Star State’s most promising emerging acts. You want The Proof? Simply take a listen to their latest mixtape single, which finds Pliny Science, imaGenius and Kartune flexing their lyrical muscles over ImaGe’s own mellow, sampled boardwork. Feeling it? There’s more to come on the crew’s Wingfield street album, scheduled to drop August 31, for free download. - DJ Booth


Still working on that hot first release.



Texas based, hip-hop trio The Lower Class truly are the epitome of the "do-it-yourself" artists ideal- writing, producing, and executing every facet of their musical endeavors. From production, videos, marketing, and everything in between, The Lower Class show their hard work and dedication through their art. The group is currently busy in the studio, working on their next project, which they expect to release in the summer of 2014.

In the two years since The Lower Class first began collaborating, the group has gained recognition from countless music blogs - describing their sound as reminiscent of hip-hops Golden Age and comparing them to the likes of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5, and Souls of Mischief. Their self-made, self-released video for the hit song Extraneous, was quickly chosen as a VIMEO staff pick and New Grounds feature, gaining them over 40,000 views since its release. The groups single 89 off the album Wingfield, is currently being played worldwide in retail stores such as Vans, Ecko, Converse, Man Alive, and Buffalo Exchange (via Play Network) Racking up over 250,000 plays nationwide and counting. The Lower Class released the official video for "89" on July 15th, 2013 which gained over 3,000 views within the first day. 

Kartune has been selected as a featured artist on Joesph Gordon-Levitt's project "HitRecord Presents: Move on the Sun", a collaborative album which was pressed to vinyl for his song "For Mallory". Kartune also found himself on national television as a feature for "HitRecord on TV" as a freestyle segment on the episode "Money". 

In addition to recording and working on new material, The Lower Class have been hitting the stage, playing gigs across central Texas with artists such as Zeale, Fat Tony, Mckenzie Eddy, Huey Mack, Strong Arm Steady, and Statik Selektah. In April 2013, the group was chosen to perform as part of the top tier of artists at KTSW 89.9s 6th annual My Radio Festival. the following year, KTSW invited them to perform for the 7th annual My Radio Festival official after party along side ZEALE RAPZ.

The Lower Class is comprised of members Kartune, Pliny Science, and imaGenius who draw influence from artists such as Mf Doom, Jurassic 5, and J Dilla.

The buzz:

One of the Lone Star States most promising acts. Dj Booth (

"This is something different, but Im not mad at it at all." - DJ Steph Floss (

Big things in the future for The Lower Class. Oh So Fresh (

The Lower Class (are) more than just another group of musicians, they push musical boundaries. Apple Juice Break (

Youd be crazy to pass up on this one! - The Record Stache (

Soulful. A genuine sound I just couldnt ignore. Electric Tooth (

"These southern dudes have some of the best beats that Ive heard from an up-and-coming act! Fashionably Early (

Band Members