The Lower Lights

The Lower Lights

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Picking up where O Brother Where Art Thou left off, this record is an organic, vibrant collection of hymns that brings out both the reverence and celebration of the hymns. Part candlelight vigil. Part tent revival.


The Lower Lights– a group of indie musicians, each with their own respective groups, projects, music careers– convened in fall of 2009 for five days of diving into the hymns - familiar hymns, overlooked hymns, Hank Williams hymns, and more. The hope was to connect with these beautiful old songs of testimony on a deeper level, to have a new and personal experience with them. Drawing equal parts reverence and celebration from the rich mine of hymns, we ended the week with 30-plus songs that feel part-revival, part-vigil. And we ended up with more than just an album. We ended up with an experience.

Listen to the songs and suddenly you’re there: a few people are in the studio hallway working out a candlelit arrangement to "Jesus Savior Pilot Me" while in the main studio no fewer than 15 people record a spirited version of "Israel, Israel, God Is Calling," making a choir out of anyone not holding an instrument. Somebody’s flipping through an old hymnal. A couple of guys tune a marxophone with a wrench. Another song breaks out in some spirit clapping. And another song is crossed off the chalkboard.

The Lower Lights are taking these songs to house shows, amphitheaters, street corners, and street concerts.

Members of this collective include, but are not limited to:
Ryan Tanner (Atherton, The Madison Arm)
Mindy Gledhill
Sarah Sample
Dylan Schorer (Atherton)
Colin Botts
Ryan Tilby (Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band)
Patrick Campbell (SLAJO, The Madison Arm)
Scott Wiley (The Madison Arm, Atherton, Code Hero)
Brian Hardy (Atherton)
Debra Fotheringham
Cherie Call
Dustin Christensen (Jerrytown)
Mark Smith (Ponchillo)
Darin LeSueur
Paul Jacobsen
Stuart Maxfield (Fictionist)
Nate Pyfer (Code Hero, Night Night)
Becky Jean Williams (The Mollies, Late Night Alumni, Kaskade)
Vivian Smith (The Mollies)
Dominic Moore (The Lower West)
Branden Campbell (Neon Trees)
Aaron Anderson (Fictionist)
George Brunt (Sunfall Festival)
Pat Boyer
Jordan Clarke (Shady Chapel)
Dan Reneer
Spencer Harrison
Mindy Arrington
Micah Dahl Anderson
Stephanie Mabey
Camille Anderson

Jed Wells
Jayne Wells
Courtney Kendrick
Chris Kendrick
Emily Tanner
Suzy LeSueur
Rachel Hardy
Machelle Schorer
Sarah Wiley
Huck Wiley


The Lower Lights // A Hymns Revival (Oct 2010, Groundloop Records)

Set List

sets ranging from a 45 minutes to an hour and a half of traditional hymns as well as some hymnlike songs by Hank Williams, Gillian Welch, etc.