The Low Hearts

The Low Hearts


We are a four piece band from Chicago styled in uplifting and popular rock music. We redefine catchy lyrics with upbeat, cheerful melodies and an uncanny debonair on stage!


Jeffrey Westfield and sister, Harely Westfield decided to finally break out and conquer the misery in music today!

After collaborating and creating a set of songs over the last 3 years they brought on long time friends, Nick Sudden and Myke Garza to bring it all together. Thus, The Low Hearts was officially born February 14th, 2009.


In progress

Set List

We have an 7 song set consisting of 45-60 minutes of music and entertainment.

Lovely Appleby - 4:49
Four Years Away - 3:47
Rock & Roll Sunshine - 3:36
Daisies - 3:02
1979 (cover)- 5:00
Queen of Hearts - 5:13
Moon Star Twilight - 3:09