The Low Life

The Low Life


Funky/driving beats, rich harmonies and sick jams. Sounds like the Black Crowes meets Sublime meets Phish. The music is intoxicating, a blend of twisted and melodramatic indie rock and minimalist jamming that infects the brain at every note, squirming it’s way in to your subconscious.


The five members began their career playing bars in their hometown, Washington D.C., and quickly gained a reputation not only as a constantly evolving live act but also as a band whose avid following shattered bar records night in and night out. The combination of high-energy performances and aggressive promotion eventually led to several headlining dates at the infamous 9:30 Club and regular 1,000-ticket sellout shows at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD and has sparked a touring career spanning hundreds of clubs and colleges on the east coast and in the midwest.

Drawing on influences ranging from Big Head Todd to Sublime, from Jeff Buckley to Guns N Roses, The Low Life attracts audiences of all breeds and natures. TLL has created a sound that’s experimental enough to stimulate, but not so whacked-out or schizo that it’s indigestible or un-fun.

TLL records all of its own music, with front-man Evan Bliss heading up the mixing process. Repossess, their first live album, was released in summer ’04 to good reviews: “Repossess captures the spirit of a young, eager touring band, sharpening its solos and tightening its pop hooks. [TLL] has the potential to live the high life.” [Relix, February ‘05] Their latest release, Daisy Cutter, mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Charlie Pilzer, is a 12-song experience that roller coasters like a drug store—-uppers to get you hot and bothered, downers to cool you out.

This summer, TLL will be among the many eclectic and innovative acts performing at Walther Productions' AllGood Festival in Masontown, WV and will hit the road with a full tour schedule starting in September '05.


You Gotta Die Somewhere 2002
Thixotropic: 2003 Receiving nation college airplay as well as regular rotation on XM Radio Unsigned
Repossess: 2004 Live Album
Daisy Cutter: 2005