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I pretty much know what I have to do and how to do it, I just get distracted by life, Im focused, atleast I try to stay focused it seems like the closer I get to acomplishing something, the more obsticles get thrown in my path, sometimes I wish it was no such thing as money, I think society uses money to keep our minds occupied and off of the real stuff, that were suppose to be thinking about, and our people are so brainwashed by the dollar, they dont even want to hear what somebody has to say unless they look like they have as much or more money than they have, they'll seriously follow an ignorant rich man off of a bridge before they follow a poor wise man to the promise land. thats one of the main reasons why I decided to put this album together I had literally quit or gave up the whole idea of being an entertainer or what ever, I've been doing this for a long time, I was signed to a major record label in 1995, we put a couple of albums out, but I was young dealing with the wrong people in the wrong situation so things happened how they happened, I wasted my whole career waiting for other people, instead of me using my own brain and doing what I needed to do, I kept putting my life in other peoples hands, but anyway, I dont mean to bore you with my history but I just want to put yall up on my situation. ....

anyway what I was saying was I stopped trying to persue my dreams and a career in this industry for a few years,because the company was trying to get me to be a follower and make the kind of songs that everyone else were making, and thats all, the major record companies were supporting. but what promted me to get back on it was the fact that my nephew and my daughter are getting older now and all they know or want to know about is this nonsence that they are getting spoon fed by the media, all they know is what they see, I try to teach them right from wrong but its kinda hard to compete with the people that they see on T.V everyday. can you beleive the kind of stuff they allow on t.v and on the radio nowadays, thats all our kids see, so thats all they know, our kids are being raised by the t.v and radio programmers. we can't blame the kids, I know they know what there doing,
they know how impressionable young people are, they know that most people are natural followers and for the lack of positive role models at home, in the streets or on t.v there gonna follow what they see, but anyway excuse me for rambling on. but what I was trying to say is, the reason I decided to get back in the game was to attempt to give our children something else to follow, this hip-hop industry is a powerful tool, but like anything powerful if used in the wrong way its dangerous. I think, or should I say know this is what Im suppose to do, my whole life has been leading up to this, Im a strong beleiver in the saying, " Everything happens for a reason, I went through everything that Ive been through to make me the person that I am, I've had a hard life, but even if I could I wouldnt change a thing, I am who I am, doing exactly what Im suppose to be doing at this point of my life............ thankyou for listening or reading this, I just had to say that to somebody, ..............
I wish you a wonderful day,
dont be a stranger feel free to hit me up anytime....................
oh yea one more thing this is what I was talking about when I said that I've been having the same visions in my head since I was a kid, this is a rap that I wrote in like 1994........... in all of my dreams,
I see myself in the game running thangs,
changin thangs, makin thangs how its pose to be
everytime I go to sleep
I seem to see my self in some shit
when I be smokin weed
my mind be takin me on a trip
I cant help but talk about
the shit that I be seein
when Im sleep or daydreamin
seemin to have a meanin'
like, I been guided through life to do somethin
I always knew I was here to do somethin
my mind, is to complex to be a regular
everyday nigga, workin 9 to 5
to keep a cellular phone,
& keep the rent up to date and paid
I think Im somethin like a prince
sent to wake the slaves,
I wrote that when I was like 18 years old. I lost it for like 10 years and now that I've decided to get back in the game I found it, I guess I was ahead of my time back then............

anyway thats it,
thank you for listening.
have a good day.