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The best kept secret in music


"Tiger Verses (Modern Soul)"

In a just world, The Low Tones' stellar debut would turn the band into overnight stars. At the very least, the record's deft genre-hopping and ragged charm should bring the Windsor three-piece some word-of-mouth-buzz. Effortlessly sliding from the Stereolab-style pop of "Alright" to the down-home twang of "Sweetheart Of The Radio" – with generous doses of classic rock crunch for good measure – Tiger Verses displays a pleasant disdain for the CD skip button. The playing is loose and informal, but the Low Tones' sticky melodies and deliciously wry lyrics keep the songs firmly rooted.
–MS CCCC (four c's) - CHART Magazine (Dec 2004/Jan 2005)

"The Low Tones @ The Carhole"

"Tight and tuneful, ... their set brimmed with a comforting dose of Canadian style rock ... with clever pop sensibilities. ... comfy as their music may be, it's also real moving, prompting anyone to get on the floor and shake it." - Upfront Magazine #74 Windsor, OCT 2004


High Hopes and Low Tones (1999) CDEP (mod001)
Clouds Overhead (2000) Live Cassette (mod002)
*We Three (2001) CD COMP (mod003)
Low Tones/The Redstripes (2002) 7" VINYL (mod004)
Tiger Verses (2004) CDLP (mod007)
City Vs. The County (2005 - Forthcoming)



What began in 1998 as a steadily-growing friendship between Tom Dufour and Carly Marcoux, in 1999, had become a 3-piece pop/rock status quo by the time bass player and friend Paul Sylvestre had joined the band.

The Low Tones first album, Tiger Verses, has been a long-time coming for these music-impressionable three. It combines over three years of material into (almost) a Greatest Hits of sorts.

In the summer of 2002, the band got together with local indie producer James Tiller (The Shells, The Puomons, Posers, Chassy Cola, etc.) with a plan to record all the material that they had stored up along with some newer nuggets that had quickly become crowd favourites.

But, in the fall of 2002, Tom was off to Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario to become a Master of the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) which is SO rock that I can’t even begin to explain how ROCK it is. Put it this way, Tom loves the GIS and he’s great at it –BUT; he’s definitely better at the rock n’ roll.

That said; it wasn’t until the winter of 2002 that The LTs’ were to go back into their recording space to finish the bed (instr.) tracks. In the summer of 2003, they would come close to completing the work on the album with friends’ John Atkinson and Amy Tesolin this time. John had been a bass player for The LTs’ winter tour in 2002, and would now lend his bass playing skillz and clever vocals to several tracks. Amy however, was slowly introduced to the fold by already being a friend, via the track “Sweetheart of the Radio.” Amy had already sung along to ‘Sweetheart’ many a time during live Low Tones’ performances. Adding her to that track (especially) meant that its sound worked out perfectly. It became a classic. Amy became an un-official Low Tone that summer.

In early-winter of 2004, the band had finished mixing down the 12 tracks with James Tiller that they felt would end up on the album. The album’s finale seemed to be close at hand… More remixes followed, and FINALLY it was mastered and ready to be sent to SAMO in Toronto for production.

Last Notes: Tiger Verses, was mostly recorded on-and off in the very sound-proof and wool-y fun library of The Low Tones practice space –a grade school in LaSalle, Ontario with any extra vocals added to tracks in James’ basement, along with a crew of friends to back them up! And now…

…say hello to the courage and lo-fi indie sweetness
of The Low Tones very first full-length: Tiger Verses!