Loyal Sinners

Loyal Sinners


Northwest favorites, Loyal Sinners, are a creative original rock trio. Unafraid to blend many influences and add them subtly to the well executed rock music. The songs are timeless, the sound is fresh and the musicians deliver a unique experience each time they join together. A band to be heard.


Loyal Sinners were formed from lasting friendships and mutual musical passions. The group consists of former members of Slick Watts and “Hard Rock & Soul powerhouse, The DT's and influenced by too many styles and artists to list. Their sound is unique and yet familiar at times, with well written rock songs that share the stage with rockabilly, reggae back beats, Latin rhythms, pop and country. A fresh, diverse listening experience is guaranteed for all .

“Sex, Love, Nature,” Loyal Sinners self released 5 Song EP came out in the fall of 2007. With new material written, positive reviews, and a fast growing fan base things were starting to roll. The band got back into the studio to record their 2008 self titled CD. The full length record was partially recorded at MARS Studio, in Bellingham, WA , with vocals and guitars done in their own home studio. The CD was mixed by Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Supersuckers, The Posies), and mastered by Mark Gunther at Seattle Disc Mastering.
Now, with their CD in tow, the band is excited to be back on the road. Having spent time in the trenches of bars for years Scott,Terry, and Phil have also had a taste of festival performances on several European and Asian stages. Focusing their energy on reaching audiences that are drawn to a more fulfilling musical performance is essential to the band. Each member of Loyal Sinners has collaborated with other artists individually, and as a backing band for recording and live performance.
The future looks bright for the Bellingham, Washington trio. Make sure you see them shine



Written By: Richard Scott Greene

You got a gun
got some stripes
learn to know
loss of life
spill some blood
yours or mine
you'll get home
in dreams tonight

why'd you come
and will you stay
forever could be
one day away
what you've done
and what to do
and what's your maker
make of you

Something here just don't seem right
not why I came here to fight
now I'm just trying to stay alive
I don't wan't this
I don't need this

Think of her
back at home
quite a scene
all left alone
where's your honor
where's your pride
where will you land
and who decides

Something here just don't seem right
it's not why I came here to fight
now I'm just trying to stay alive
I don't want this
I don't need this


'Loyal Sinners' Full Length - 2008
'Love, Sex, Nature' 5 song EP - 2007

Set List

The Loyal Sinners usually play a 90 min. set, but scale down when neccessary. All songs are original compositions.

View from a fire
Alright Son
Blind to the light
Past The Past
Little Things
To Win
Bad Business
Land Protection
1/2 Full
Just Try