The Loyal We

The Loyal We


2 girls met in Tokyo. One, a bewitching, sweet-voiced, mysterious dreamer from Minnesota and the other, a smiling, quirky, up-beat, charmer from New Jersey. With guitar, piano, egg shakers, casios, glockenspiel, or whatever can be found around the house, the Loyal We warm hearts from east to west.


Lindsay Lueders and Kate Sikora met in Tokyo in 2005. Previously, Kate had been playing music solo and sometimes with a backing band in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia.. since 1998. She had just released her debut album, "Grace in Rotation" when she moved to Japan. Lindsay, from Minnesota, was 1/3 of the Bracelets, an indie alt country band from her college days in Madison, WI. Although they came to Japan separately and for different reasons, they soon found they had a shared love of freak folk, alt country, toy instruments, oldies, colorful pantyhose... The Loyal We started out as a fun side-project among the two friends but soon gathered popularity within the indie music scene in Tokyo. They caught the attention of Contrarede, a growing Japanese label, who released their debut cd "Homes" in January of 2010. The Loyal We has toured with One One (members of Deerhoof and Tenniscoats), opened for Why? Anticon, and has graced many a stage across Japan. Their song, "Box is a Rocket," was featured in indie film maker, Momoko Ando's, debut film, "Kakera." Now, the duo are located both in New York and in Tokyo and will continue to travel between the two cities or wherever their music takes them.


The Loyal We "Homes" to be released on the Contrarede label (Japan) in 2010

the track "Counting Song" is on the Avocado Record's Kill Your TV 2009 compilation

Set List

30-45 minutes:

Accordian Song
Still Quiet
Mr. Burgundy
Box is a Rocket
Fresh Crop
Superhero Theme
The Counting Song
Greenwich Hotel
Ice Fishing
I Found a Reason (The Velvet Underground)