The Loyd Family Players

The Loyd Family Players


The Loyd Family Players take the pulse of traditional Brazilian samba and twist it into a loud, sweaty, sexy muss. Booty shakin' funk hip hop heavy metal dancehall with a dash of secondline this 15 to 20 member percussion troup is putting the groove back on the dance floor like never before.


With members hailing from such exotic locales as England, Brazil, Rome, Peru, Antarctica, St. Louis, and Long Island, the Loyds are a foxy, unstoppable (and unstoppably foxy) dance machine. The troupe was hatched at the 1999 Burning Man festival, when Chico, CA residents Sean Corkery, Shane Gabbard, Roberta Blake, and Mike Wofchuck brought their Brazilian drums to the desert for the first time. The small group evolved into a larger one, performing under various names until the Loyd Family Players moniker was hatched. In 2005, the group's energy spilled out of the desert and made its way into the members' daily lives, with performances at festivals and venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The Loyds now comprise drummers, shaker and bell players, and one very loud megaphone; the fifteen-to-twenty person coed percussion performance troupe swipes elements from hip-hop, dancehall, punk rock, drum n'bass, summer camp ... anything goes. Check out our Flickr page here:


4 song demo released in 2007 available through myspace, itunes, cdbaby and the bands personal website

Set List

Our sets can be anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours long. We perform new versions of classic samba rhythms such as Maractu and Samba Reggae, rhythms based on Jamaican dancehall and grime, drum 'n' bass, snippets of songs by MIA, Led Zeppelin, Rihanna, the Ramones, and much more.