The Living Room Conglomerate

The Living Room Conglomerate


We are the LRC (The Living Room Conglomerate). We are a original rock/groove/jam band fusion. Our music is up-tempo and very danceable with lyrics that are witty and provoke immense feelings of pure fun. We are known as 'The Portable Wildness' because we bring the party with us.


We are The Living Room Conglomerate but are better known as THE LRC! Fans have also dubbed us as 'The Portable Wildness!‘ Because we always bring the party with us! We are based out of Charlotte, NC and our music is a distinct medley of up-tempo grooves, funk laced jams, and lyrics that will surely have you stimulated as you sing and dance along with us. We’ve garnered influences/comparisons from, but not limited to, Sring Cheese Incident, TV on the Radio, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, and Sugarloaf.
We formed in 2006 and have been blazing forward ever since with an eclectic eccentricity to call our own. Our one of a kind style is undoubtedly spawned by our diverse backgrounds… Andre Jordan (keys/vocals) studied several disciplines in college which include piano, saxophone, and voice. He is a former choir director and
has displayed his talents in a variety of music genres over the years which ranges anywhere from hip-hop to reggae, rock, jazz & even classical. Kemuel Murray (drums/vocals) was a former Drum Major in college and played in a jazz/funk/r&b band before joining. There is no lack of adrenaline even when the grooves get long and nasty…Kemuel keeps pounding rhythm into your dance craving soul. Santos Adams (guitar) has a decorated heavy metal/rock background and often sets the bar up a notch when he flaunts is vast musical knowledge through solos and riffs that bend even the experienced guitar mind. Scott McGillivray (bass) steps in with the grooves and a funky low end that only a seasoned jam band career has given him. Together the LRC allows you to get comfy as they get funky like something never done.
Enjoy your stay in our living room…


Debut Album 'Lurkin' was released August 2009

Set List

Our typical set list consists of the following original songs-

Isn't love Enough
Scrumptious P
Eye of the Hurricane
I just want to touch your hair
I wish I could leave you
LRC'n (Lurk'n)
Stragglerville (Dirty Lurk'n)
No Ass Tonight
Destiny is Calling
Dizzy Butterflies
Life Smells Good
Croutons On My Futon

We also perform the following covers- Green Eyed Lady (Sugarloaf) - Man Eater (Hall & Oates) - Do you feel like we do (Peter Frampton) along with many others in our own arrangement-

Our Sets are usually 90 mins each depending on the time frame alloted, we can fill up to 4 hours of quality LRC grooves.