The Lucas Cates Band

The Lucas Cates Band

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

It is breathtakingly refreshing to realize that in the music world we live in there are still a few real artists & musicians surviving.

TLCB reminds us of what remarkable & exceptional really mean.

Seeing TLCB live awakens the soul & rekindles a musical passion many of us thought we lost.


The Lucas Cates Band hails from Madison, WI. Like Geffen Record's Garbage, this band has the potential to be Madison's next big act. Three years into the making of this pop/rock group reveals a momentum that, as an independent, is like no other. The Lucas Cates Band has three full-length albums-with a fourth on the way; music videos; national tours; AAA, college, and international radio presence; five web pages; appearances on morning shows around the country; ten Madison Area Music Awards, and a song picked up by the Cincinnati Ballet as a modern dance piece. The band has been fortunate to create a label prototype without actually calling the project a label.
Cates says, "It's great outsourcing all the things a major label could do for you to smaller, independent organizations that are trying to establish themselves as well. It makes for a very strong team as everyone is excited about their role and everyone is trying to make it together." Lucas tends to downplay the many hours he puts into booking and management, but it is evident that the hard work has paid off. In three years this band has skyrocketed to a level at which most independents can only dream. Lucas's band mates--Kenny Leiser-guitar and violin, Mark Noxon-bass, and Jesse Warmka-drums--have all formerly been in other bands together and have an unbelievable chemistry.
Lucas states their paths crossed through former band member Matt Rodgers, who in turn passed on his role in the group to Mark Noxon. "We are young, fresh and ready to go," says Cates. "Half the battle is finding players willing to dedicate themselves to the cause and, of course, being willing to quit their day jobs to pursue a common dream. We have the means to travel, play, and entertain. We are best friends and it shows on stage." All four are fantastic musicians, and their two/three/four part harmonies expose the bond between these players.
"We are so incredibly fortunate to have had so many wonderful people involved with our project. I believe we have the best of both worlds, we know the value of hard work, and we support and believe in each other. If we didn't think this project had a chance to go somewhere big, we'd all be the first to tell each other that. The communication is open and the relationships are binding. We are in it for the long haul."



Written By: The Lucas Cates Band

She walks in circles won't get it right,
he acts the fool.
Never-ending pain in sight,
and no golden rules.

All she wants was a piece of his mind.
A little bit of love and lust is all she needs.
So how do you tell a good girl,
she's not good for you,
ways away from her minds reach.

Call on me my love,
if you gotta live for something,
I'm on my knees oh lord,
if she's gotta believe in something.

Paints his pictures with ocean light,
and he falls asleep
Just to find a sunset spy crawling on his beach

Walks in circles won't get it right,
so he walks her home

Heaven Can Wait

Written By: The Lucas Cates Band

Heaven Can Wait
Whenever something just ain't right, move along.
Hop this magic carpet ride, and pay the toll.
Can't be fake or waste your time. They will recall,
when humble left its sacred place, in your heart.

All your faith in God and love, just what you believe.
But in the end you'll know the truth.
It falls on you now (x2)

Change your ways or change your name, they will recall
Cause humble left its sacred place in your heart.

Cause it's a long way down to fall, heaven will wait for you.
No matter how big you think you are,
heaven will wait for, heaven can wait for

All your life you take your prize and make it home.
Cause on this magic carpet ride, we search for more.
But like these stars last through the night, we're shining on.
Friends and foes we feel their strife, like it's our own yeah.


Written By: The Lucas Cates Band

You're doing good girl, Rockin' my world,
that's right, and that's life.
Come on over and I can rub your shoulders,
tonight, ooh that feels so nice.

I'm an open cougar fool,
and I hope your hungry too.
I'm an open cougar fool, that's right,
wanna taste your body gonna feast tonight.

You're doing good girl, Rockin' my world,
but that's right, and that's life.
Come on over, and I'll massage your shoulders,
tonight, ooh that feels so nice.

To Life

Written By: The Lucas Cates Band

So good so far, at least for me.
I found a way to change the world,
for the time being.

Tired of waiting on the world,
and you want to turn this stone,
cause I can't sit and twist my thumbs
some more

Cause we've been blessed,
like all the rest,
and tonight I won't lay here anymore.
Said we'll scream and shout,
yeah, let it all out.
Here's to life tonight.

So good so far, at least for me.
You found a way to blame the world,
for the time being.

You're tired of waiting on the world,
and you want to turn your stone,
cause you can't sit and twist your thumbs
some more


TLCB albums and tracks are available on iTunes, Pandora,, CDBaby. emusic.

Most all of the music has radio, streaming play. Examples: Pandora, XM Radio, Triple A radio.

2010 - The Lucas Cates Band
2010 - Live @ Jensen Hall (Kenny Leiser and Lucas Cates)
2008 - All The Pieces