The Luminous Mirror

The Luminous Mirror

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The Luminous Mirror is like a journey into a new frontier of music. The driving beats that we create are hard hitting and odd and when it's fused together with our lyrics it leaves people in awe.


When you listen to "The Luminous Mirror" it grabs your attention and keeps your interest because it is so unique. When you listen to our tracks you can tell that we are individuals that take pride in our craft and work hard to improve ourselves. Our fan base ranges from hip-hop heads to metal heads. Are inspirations come from artist like Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Slayer, Boogie Down Productions, Eric B Rakim, Deicide, Death, Black Sabbath, Cannibal Corpse, Lighting Hopkins, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Nona Simone


Our current ep out is "Diversiform Miscreant" and we are in the studio working on our new album "Journals of the Protagonist" No radio air play yet but we are set to get the ep to some university radio stations and independent stations.

Set List

1. 7th Solar
2. Pandemic
3. Seer of the Open Eye
4. Distribution
5. Cyclotrons
6. Diversiform Miscreant

Set is about 25min