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"Luminous Album Review"

Formed at Youth With A Mission in Kona, Hawaii, pop/rockers LUMINOUS chose to record their debut album in their home town of Christchurch, in good ol’ NZ. Exposing The Dark sets about to do just that – expose the music industry for what it is and offer a positive alternative. With an evangelistic heart, LUMINOUS’ music ranges from KUTLESS-styled female fronted rock, to the more mellow funkyness of SUPERCHIC[K]. A combination of thought provoking lyrics and lead singer Natalie Bruce’s passionate voice force this album to leave a lasting impression on you.
- Soul Purpose Magizine (Mar 16, 2006) - Soul Purpose Magazine

"Luminous Album Review"

Let me just start by getting this out of the way... Exposing The Dark by Luminous is the best indie project I've heard this year. Poignant, at times brooding yet always positive lyrics flow from each song. The energetic portions pound around you making it nearly impossible to remain still while the quiet portions of the album exude beauty and freeze you in your tracks. Intelligent, yet accessible lyrics, haunting piano, driving guitar, melodic riffs and rich vocals set this project on a level that matches or exceeds the quality of music being pumped out by most of the major recording labels of today.
Craig Mason A/R Exec. Dir. - (Jul 17, 200 -


- Produced by Chris Diprose and The Luminous Sky
LIFE IS PRECIOUS - Wes King Tribute Compilation (2006)
- The Robe – Copyright Wes King, Performed by the Luminous Sky
- produced by Craig Mason
- produced by Chris Diprose (Straightline)
- produced by Scott Abbott, David Bruce and Frederick Joseph



Let me just start by getting this out of the way... Exposing The Dark by Luminous is the best indie project I've heard this year..." Craig Mason A/R Exec. Director -

Formed in 2003 by David Bruce and former international Model Natalie Bruce, The Luminous Sky is literally a band on a mission. In just five years they have recorded independently three albums and toured extensively in New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, Japan, Central America and the USA. As an independent band, they have played over 500 shows in front of over 60,000 people in many venues and events including music festivals, cafes, bars, churches, high schools and conferences.

Featuring Tim Wells from New Zealand on the drums, Former International Model - Natalie Bruce on Lead Vocals, David Bruce from Southern California on Guitars, and Jericho Waldron from Pennsylvania on Keyboards and Synths, The Luminous Sky is truly a unique and diverse group. Natalie and David have spent 5 years of their married life on the road with the band, and have a 3 year old son who has traveled with them to over 15 countries.

Some of the accomplishments of The Luminous Sky;

* Finalist in the 2008 Essential Records Spirit West Coast Talent Search

* Finalist in the 2008 Original Sessions National Band Search

* Exposing the Dark (2005), has distribution in New Zealand with Parachute Music, and in Australia with Kennedy International, and in the US with Forerunner Media Group.

* Physical Album sales of over 3,000 CD’s, and over 2800 digital downloads.

* Placed in the finalists of the ISC (International Song Writing Competition) 2005 - receiving an honorable mention.