The Lunch Break
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The Lunch Break

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"Shinobi Ninja Rock Hood"

"The Lunch Break gets wild, while asking the crowd to get wild with them. Jayell, JDG, and the friendly neighborhood beat maker Mike Cease screamed about shooting out the sun. A little ditty aggressively expressing a nocturnal studio dweller's aversion to having to confront the rays of the sky bound heat provider." - Apache Cafe's Blog


Heart of Metal ( Single ) : released Jul-13-2010
available for download on iTunes

Reduced Lunch ( EP ): released Sept-2010
available for download @

Meals On Mondays: Collections (EP): released Jan-8-2011
available for download @



This independent band is the distinctive mixture of Michael “Mike Cease” Canzius, Corderius “Jayell” Climpson and Jarrett “JDG” Grimes. Each of these young men possesses a distinct and natural musical ability and when they blend their individual styles, the result is a sound not like any other heard in recent years.

Prior to the group’s formation in 2007, each artist was on his own quest to create a new sound with lyrical content, contrary to the norm, that was timeless and meaningful while simultaneously being fresh and innovative. Once they joined forces and combined their unique talents, everything clicked and they experienced the exceptional sound they had been chasing. Their blend of all genres, mostly fusing rap over electro-pop beats with retro-rock style hooks, is categorized as Alternative Hip Hop but as you will see The Lunch Break commands a category of their own.

Inspired by Timbaland, The Neptunes and Dr. Dre, Mike Cease was the first in his family to be born in the U.S. after relocating from South America in the early 80’s. While growing up in California, Mike’s life changed when his uncle moved in with his family and introduced him to the art of making music by way of the keyboard. Over the years he developed an appreciation for staple songs like those done by Duran Duran, The Police, and Genesis. “Those were epic songs that hit your soul. You get lost inside the song” Mike says as he explains the group’s mission to create that same feeling.

Although each member of The Lunch Break contributes on a writing level, its Jersey native JDG that is the wordsmith. Even though English has always been his favorite subject, it was during a time when he memorized sermons for his grandparents that he began his infatuation with words. JDG is a self proclaimed thinker and asserts “We want to be responsible for creating something new like the Beatles did for Rock. We want to push our genre forward”. He goes on to say “We are so spontaneous and genuine to what we feel that we go into a new spectrum of music…always progressing”.

Jayell, born and raised in Atlanta, was bit by the music bug in high school when he befriended an aspiring rapper from New York. He spent an entire year learning everything he possibly could until he surpassed his teacher in lyrical skill. After receiving massive attention during rap battles in the cafeteria and hallways at school, he realized his calling as a performer. Like Mike and JDG, Jayell has a lot of respect for songs created in the 80’s because they have abstract concepts, something that is lacking in music today. “Music is so accessible to folks now that the message is being depleted” explains Jayell.

It only makes sense that merging the diverse backgrounds of these three unique musicians would result in groundbreaking music which goes beyond having crossover appeal. It’s universal and timeless. It crosses color, age and geographical boundaries. This breath of fresh air is in high demand and The Lunch Break is here to supply.

The Lunch Break is beginning to make their mark in history with performances for the National Advancement of Colored People (NAAC), partnering with the Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation, and participating in MTV’s TJ Competition with DJ-X which resulted in their music played at Miami Fashion Week 2010. Through the use of social media, The Lunch Break has fans that span the entire globe. It is clear that the world of music is hungry for a break from the mundane and repetitious.