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MySpace (A Siren's Song)

Written By: Robyn Carrigan/ Ron Samworth

We had it goin' on
We went everywhere
Music, sex and for a short while
I believed we were perfect together
Now I can't stand being around
This affair just dragged me down
It can completely swallow you up
And make you feel small

Got a MySpace invite a few weeks ago
From a New York Painter in Thailand
Fell in love with my image
Stays up all night waiting for my message
Can't stay with my old friend
He's just a flesh and blood person
I'm way too far into this now
It's a Brave New World

He, He, He's
Not really there

Have you seen the latest photo's on my page
We're meeting in the States in May
I've grown accustomed to knowing someone
based on their words and not their body
I fell for a stranger, still tingling with the danger
Secret romantic out on a limb, falling into failure

He, He, He's
Not really there

Give me advice I need it now
Should I go or should I stay
Am I crazy, or just lazy
I won't heed you anyway.
There's nothing so real as what you can imagine
There's nothing so strong 'til it pulls you in
And you find it's an illusion