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"The Lusties"

"...damn-near essential… garage-loose punkpoprawk..."
-Al Muzer - The Aquarian

"Review: The Lusties, Hi Skool Luv"

“...what you are going to find is pure adrenaline, velocity, and an undeniable comparison between Edie and punk rock legend Deborah Harry of Blondie…”. - The Hype Machine

"Meet The Lusties"

"Yeah, that’s right–punk-pop, as opposed to pop-punk, which very often sucks. What’s the difference? Instead of emulating relatively lightweight pop-punksters, these cats go for the jugular by channeling the badassery of punk rock ‘n’ roll bands like X, The NY Dolls, and a few modern groups like the Distillers for good measure, only to sprinkle some sugar in with the medicine by way of the buzzsaw power-pop of bands like Cheap Trick. If i’m not getting too obscure here, i’d like to point out that The Lusties remind me in no small degree of The Goops, a fantastic but obscure female-fronted punk band from the mid-90s whose singer, Eleanor Whitledge, had a lot in common with the deep, soulful alto of The Lusties’ own Ms. Edie Lustie." -

"The Lusties"

“They combine the crunch of punk guitars, a throbbing rhythm section, and a blast of truly beautiful singing into a tightly wound punch….” - The Austin Chronicle

"The Lusties"

"The only band worrth the hangover." - KOOP Radio Austin, TX

"Demo2Dero - Jim DeRogatis"

Deliciously tuneful sleaze-punk reeking of C.B.G.B. circa '76 without sounding the least bit dated, the Lusties are a Chicago quintet led by bold and brassy former Austinite Edie Lustie--in the great Ramones tradition, the musicians have all take "Lustie" as their last name--dedicated to both tickling and titillating listeners while relentlessly pummeling them old-school-style a la the Ramones, X and the earliest Blondie.

The group is as likely to pay homage to a marital aid, an illicit young love or a B-grade horror flick--as on "RubberMade," "Hi Skool Luv" and "Zombies," respectively--as it is to deliver a startlingly powerful, moving and once again relevant cover of the'50s hit "Soldier Boy," which betrays the sort of mile-wide emotional streak that every true punk hides beneath his or her leather jacket. To date, the group has two self-released EPs available, but I for one am eager to hear more.
--Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times


Homewrecker LP (Out of print)
The Lusties EP (2007)
Cocks and Monsters EP (2008)



The Lusties irrefutably seductive power pop punk melodies afford the band an audience cut from incredibly diverse musical tastes and backgrounds, as well as an unusually broad demographic. Rock Fans, Goths, Punks, Screamo, Hardcore, Metalheads, their 12 year old daughters, and even their Moms and Dads are charmed by the skill, passion, and spectacle that is every Lusties performance, either live or recorded.
"More melodic than the Ramones and edgier than Hole,This is the band that should be playing in the next Zombie movie in the scene just before helpless victims are ripped apart."
-Jackie Lee King, Unrated Magazine
The five piece Chicago punk-pop powerhouse is fronted by Austin Texas' Ms. Edie Lustie, features guitarists Big Bob Lustie, Joe Rockit (Team Rockit, Maelstrom), bassist Frankie C Lustfucker (Tensionwire, Mindfunk) and Fish (Posterchildren, Team Rockit) on drums. The Lusties have shared the stage with bands such as Evil Beaver, The Supersuckers, Agent Orange, MOTO, Deadbolt, Broadzilla, The Lustkillers (members Black Halos and Lords of the New Church), The Last Vegas, The Black Hollies, The Giraffes, The Great Crusades, and Mercurine. For current dates and more details, check out or
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