The Lust Killers

The Lust Killers


lustkillers (lust-killers) n. , pl. 1. a band of rogue rock n roll mercenaries preaching the BlankGeneration/PostPunk gospel.


The Lust Killers will re-ignite your passion for music. After experiencing a live show, audiences leave in love and in lust--with the restored faith that rock n roll continues to thrive as it should. The songs are edgy, moody and sometimes even charmingly sassy,
fast ‘n deadly,
cool ‘n creepy
dark ‘n lovely.

The Lust Killers rocked sizeable crowds in San Francisco and Chicago alike, sometimes playing a few shows a week, both headlining and sharing the stage with legendary bands such as The Vibrators and The Romantics.

After a brief hiatus, they are back to continue to celebrate and build upon the glory of days past, all while creating their own unique brand of legendary rock n roll.


THE BLACK SUGAR SESSIONS, produced by Mark Bradin, led rock veterans Brian James (The Damned) and Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) to recruit The Lust Killers vocalist Adam Becvare to front their 2003 Lords Of The New Church reformation, formerly fronted by the late, legendary Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys fame. Samples are available at

The Black Sugar Sessions will be available once again through Vacancy Records this September proceeded by The Lust Killers 7" single!