The Luxury Sweets

The Luxury Sweets


"Have you ever fell in love with a melody or cried at the end of a guitar solo? These pretty boys come all the way from their couches to your ear drums to create pure Rock 'N Roll extacy. Listen to the harmony, watch them move and tell me your life is not saved." - Alvin Case (The Crapper)


And now, out of the primordial ooze of local punk rock comes The Luxury Sweets! Five musical geniuses that have a passion for rock n roll in this age of ear bleeding grindcore and melodramatic half-breed indy bands. They have taken the raw medium of basic human emotion and applied it to the feel of the 50s 60s and 70s to produce a potentially nostalgic remembrance of the 1977 movement combined with classics like Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent to produce a new and exciting form of rocking unheard in todays lineups. These boys really know how to make a show. With tight pants and vevet everwhere, they take the cake with energy and style unmatched. Take a chance to have the most fun with guitars you could ever imagine. In front, a man that knows no shame and belts out crystal clear melodies with diamond like precision. Two Gibsons raging with the fury of 50 years of guitar licks and fire fingers to back them up while still carrying flawless harmony. On rhythm we have a pounding P-Bass driving the train and sticks of rage to keep the insane tempo. If you are looking for a fun, fast and exciting evening full of harmony and rolling licks then in the company of The Luxury Sweets is the place to be.


: Rock N’ Roll Rejects EP 2005,

“Sticky Sweet” (Unreleased EP 2005),

“Rock N’ Roll Rejects KZSC Radio

Set List

We could do a commercial length 30 second short or we could play for an hour and a half.


1) rock n roll rejects
2) spank me pink
3) boont
4) the bottle
5) cold baby
6) lover boy bop
7) roses
8) wishing well
9) tease please
10)yeah i like it
11) don't stop
12) lipstick mafia