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The Lyrical Assassin

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Bronx, native Ron Perry better known to the industry as the "Lyrical Assassin" is taking the music world by storm and leaving a everlasting impression on the world with his hardcore lyrics and rigid unbreakable beats.
The New York music scene is never destitute or in need of a new hip hop dance, cliché or music movement, however the New York music industry is always in need of a new sound, some distinction and someone who is not afraid to step outside the box, and spit hardcore lyrics that represent not only the streets of New York, but the ongoing struggle of the world. This distinction is found in rap newcomer "Lyrical Assassin".
There are two types of hard core rappers among mankind, you have your mainstream rapper, who appears to be rigid and tough at all times ….never smiles always spitting heavy rhymes about his struggle as a child or how many innocent individuals that he or she may have killed or done bodily harm to, this 24 hour "Thug" is usually a phony, that lives in Beverly Hills attended private school, and believes that spotlighting hardship and poverty is a marketing strategy for his music career. On the other hand you have your authentic, rapper that was a statistic of a not so pleasant neighborhood, and grew up against all possible odds, but finds a resource to tap into their musical talent and shares their inner most secrets through music and introduces there story of how you can take a bad situation and turn it into a good situation. This spark of hope is none other than east coast rapper; "Lyrical Assassin".
"As a rapper from the ghetto, I don't want to highlight my struggles and upbringings… instead I want to rap about working towards the future and showing communities around the world that if you persue your dreams, they will come true" I am a voice of the hood, I am here to inspire."
The "Lyrical Assassin" is known for many musical accomplishments.

Growing up on the streets of the Bronx's and visiting the lavish strip of Manhattan," New York are indeed two different scenarios. Manhattan, New York's laced with fine dining establishments, faddish boutiques, and renowned nightclubs where V.I.P is the general admission." States the Talented rapper. The nationally regarded tourist's attraction has no idea what or rather who inhabits one of its high trafficked suites. After doing several local mix tapes and events in the New York area, the Lyrical Assassin better known as Ron Perry forged ahead and perused music as a full time career.
When asked about future goals and aspirations the "Lyrical Assassin" states that he wants his music to teach us all that there's a difference between following trends and recording classic, timeless music that will forever be relevant.
"I don't want to be just another typical artist, I want to educate as well as entertain people with my music."