The Lyrical

The Lyrical

 Queensland, AUS
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"With an infectious blend of roots, reggae and hip hop in tow, The Lyrical commands a strong stage presence as he spits his politically charged and socially conscious expressions" -

All acoustic, stripped back, tribal/island inspired roots/hip-hop music with emotive, heart wrenching vocals that will leave you in awe.


"This band raises the roof of all and
any venue they play, truly inspirational."      - MX Magazine

"When it comes to
writing, well, he's not called The Lyrical for nothing."      - Scene

The Lyrical (Karl Smith) has
become a rising star of the music scene in Brisbane. The Sunshine State
capital has always been a hotbed for new talent in a variety of
genres and the acoustic/hip-hop/reggae scene is now no exception to that
tradition. Following in the footsteps of Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Michael Franti
and Xavier Rudd, The Lyrical reflects the ingenuity and musical aptitude it
takes to be a great artist. The "Unique
blend of beat-boxing meshed with folk guitar and socially conscious lyrics - City News"
is fast becoming one of those artists who demand your attention.

The Lyrical has toured Australia,
released an EP (If I Was Earth) and a very well received self-titled album, 'The Lyrical' to critical acclaim.
He has opened for Everlast, Katchafire(NZ), Pete Murray, Tikki Taane and Dallas Frasca, shared the stage and played with the likes of Leon Mobley of The Innocent Criminals, Govinda Doyle (Producer), Evil Eddie of Butterfingers and Jac Stone, rocked festivals
such as Bluesfest, Big Day Out, Red Deer
Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Island Vibes Festival, Festival Of The Sun, Valley Fiesta and Caxton Seafood Festival.
The Lyrical has also had great radio and online success
hitting No.1 five times on Triple J's
and No.3 WORLDWIDE on
in an online poll for Breakthrough Artist 2011.

 Peoples Choice Award, Byron Bay Bluesfest Busking Comp. 2010 and 2011

5 x No.1 Triple J's Unearthed rank 2013

No.3 WORLD RANKING Breakthrough

3rd Place, "Australian Busker of the Year, QPAC" 2009

1st Place, "Queensland Buskers of the Year, Valley Fiesta" 2008


Rule The World

Written By: Karl Smith

Rule the World

I wanted this verse to hit, like it hits me
To think how we let the world hit shit’s creek
Lennon Jr. summed it up well – with salt water
Louie Armstrong was right too – but just sorta
The world WAS wonderful – “was” being the word
So many of these spoken – but so little heard
Tree-huggers and Green Peace, they tried to fight
Now the world’s fucked up - cause the hippies were right!
You hear this, you sit back – and you think “wow,
But there’s nothing I can do about it now…” Okay!
The problem is everybody - thinks the same way
And hence, the position - that we’re in today
Environmentally and mentally the world’s the same
Flooding only in parts - that doesn’t need the rain
World War 1, war 2 and now, the war on terror
Been so many years - and still blind to error
What? The World’s fucked up, so lets fuck it up more?
I bet, now you wish, that they voted Al Gore
One question remains - each time our heart pours
What would you do – if the world was yours…?

Well if I – I ruled the world – would you know I – I ruled the world
But if you – you ruled the world – what would you do – if you ruled the world?

Many say actions – out weigh the words
But we can’t make action - if words aren’t heard
It takes - one buffalo – to start the herd
A whole damn flock – was a single bird
A single drop – to start the great ripple
But even SUPERMAN – was a cripple
But we’re like the fork – and the words a toaster
They say life - is a roller-coaster
More like a roller coaster – wit no seat belt
A paradise beach – without the sea shells
A birthday cake – without the candles
Like Jesus – without the sandals
Just something missing – that should be there
And the whole damn world - chooses not to care
Like Christmas Eve – without the day after
Listen to the people – not just – your own laughter…


I try telling the world what - I’m already feeling
Scum breathing out smoke – you’re ready to breath in
Like a baby teething – wanna bite down
Discarding – anybody- telling you ta pipe down
What the world needs is an all round healing
Murdering, corruption, raping, stealing
Racist people, - drug dealing
People gotta stand strong – and nobody kneeling’


If I Was Earth

Written By: Karl Smith

If I Was Earth
F – Am – F – C

If I was Earth I would cry every night – try as I might
Let the tears cleanse man-kind to new heights
If I was darkness - I would make friends with light
I’d back down and give society sight, das right!
If I was sin, I’d take a holiday and never come back
I’d learn to smile, buy something yellow, and stop wearing black
If I was murder… I’d return the lives I had taken
Touch them - and tell them - sorry I was mistaken
If I was murder… I’d stop dead in my tracks
Beg for forgiveness – and give it all back
If I was Cancer – I think I’d change my name to gifted
So I could smile instead of frown – at all the spirits I lifted
I’d give children life – I’d never take it away
Give them a chance to grow and do things their way
But I am none of these things – I’m just a man – like you
But as the Earth I would do - all the Earth could do

If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)

If I was Money I would take myself outside - and hide it
So the world could just finally - stop being divided
Or I would grow in the crops – but only African earth
So their people could eat – and finally quench their thirst
If I was alcohol – I’d sober up and realize I’m useless
Fake confidence and violence – man doesn’t need to use this
If I was religion – I’d convert - to “choice”
Thou shalt believe in thou heart – and not one voice
Thou shalt open thou eyes and learn from life’s lessons
Let the earth be your teacher and family provide the blessings
If I was doubt - I would run to every ear in the world
And whisper “you can do to it” don’t be scared of the world
If I was war I would trade all havoc for peace
I’d use the power I had gained to set the whole world free
But all dreams aside – I still don’t feel right
Cause I know - that my earth – She cries at night…

If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)
If I was Earth - I would cry every night (Every night X4)


If I Was Earth - EP

The Lyrical - Album