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Them vs. Her

Rocky Point, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Rocky Point, NY
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Alternative Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Them vs. Her Announce New Album ‘Swing Sets and Handguns’"

Long Island alternative quintet Them vs. Her have announced their new album. Swing Sets and Handguns is set to release on April 30th. The record will be preceded by the release of their lead single “Headlights” on March 21st.

“Swing Sets and Handguns is a concept album about a girl (the narrator) in a relationship with her childhood best friend,” explains lead vocalist Sarah Rose.

“The record tackles the boyfriend’s alcohol and drug abuse in their adolescent years. As the story develops, the girl begins to display many co-dependent tendencies and insecurities in her words, subsequently developing an addiction of her own as she follows him down a dark path and struggles with the best way for them to get out.”

Swing Sets and Handguns Track Listing:
1. Too Young
2. Who I Am
3. Stone Wall
4. Too Late
5. Don’t Let Go
6. 2300 Days
7. Judas Kiss
8. Fall to Fall
9. Empty Pockets
10. Headlights

Since the release of debut EP Consume My Thoughts in 2013, Them vs. Her have developed both numerically and in their style, moving away from the original indie/folk stylings of founding duo Tim Stark and Sarah Rose present on the rookie release and evolving into a five-piece. Without ever straying from the honest and challenging lyrical content on which the foundations of Them vs Her was built, a more full-bodied and assertive delivery has only enhanced the end-product present on Swing Sets and Handguns.

Buoyed by a positive response from shows across New York, the Long Island natives have also performed at NYC’s New Music Night Festival as their recognition grows across the state and beyond, with East Coast dates planned for Spring and Summer.

With a lyricism resonating from thought-provoking and emotive tales and an intricate and melodic indie/alternative delivery, Them vs. Her’s sound has been perfectly tailored to tell their latest story. - New Noise Magazine

"Free Song of the Day: Them Vs Her — "Headlights""

Long Island-natives Them Vs. Her have made serious headway since their 2013 Consume My Thoughts EP. Out is the indie folk that was a hallmark of that period and in is a fiery blend of alt rock that sees the band evolve into a quintet. The intensity of their sound will be reflected on their new album, which will be released next month. Before that comes out, we're offering Them Vs. Her's "Headlights" as today's Free Song of the Day.

"Like all of the songs on Swing Sets and Handguns, ‘Headlights’ was written as an acoustic song and was later expanded upon in studio," singer Sarah Fuchs says. "Originally, the verses were strummed, the bridge was extended with additional vocals and the tempo was slower. To stay true to the song and album's theme, we decided to make it darker with more rock elements.

"On the surface, this is where the main character of Swing Sets and Handguns is killed in a car crash. Being the last track on the album, it's the tragic end to her sad story. However, the car crash is symbolic and I'd rather leave the real meaning up to interpretation."

Them Vs. Her's Swing Sets and Handguns will be released on April 30. - PureVolume

"Long Island alt-rockers Them vs. Her premiere “Don’t Let Go”"

Long Island quintet Them vs. Her are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album ‘Swing Sets & Handguns,’ a ten-track concept album that delivers an honest and highly accessible story about addiction and personal demons. Featured on the project and premiering exclusively on GroundSounds is the fresh new track “Don’t Let Go.”

“‘Don’t Let Go’ is about being stuck in nostalgia, where you long for the innocence of your past and see no hope for the future. In the story of Swing Sets and Handguns, this is where our main character can’t bear the weight of her depression or addiction any longer and starts losing her faith. I wrote this song with Tim in 2014 during a brutal relapse into my own depression. I didn’t write down the lyrics while Tim came up with the riff, like I normally do. The words-everything I was feeling, just came out on the spot almost fluidly.”
-Sarah Rose, Vocalist

Stream “Don’t Let Go” below, ‘Swing Sets & Handguns’ drops April 30th. - Groundsounds

"Them vs Her: Swing Sets and Handguns"

On one hand, I love the hard work that goes into a concept album. With that, they’re like a story unfolding before your eyes and ears. On the other hand, I love when albums feel like a compilation of this and that from the artist’s recent thoughts. No matter the type though, a good record is a good record and when it comes to Them vs Her, they have a solid concept album with Swing Sets and Handguns for those who like their rock with a hint of indie pop.

The band’s lead singer has said this album is “about a girl (the narrator) in a relationship with her childhood best friend.” It isn’t a happy-go-lucky one though. You can hear the record for yourself to hear the whole tale, but this is more of a toxic relationship and less rom-com. Anyways, what I like is that while the overall story may not be 100% to everyone – we’ve all that that one friend growing up that we cannot shake, no matter how fucked their lives get. Maybe we’re addicted to the nostalgia of them?

To the music though, the first track instantly takes you into this story as “Too Young” takes on the idea that most of us have heard of believe – you can’t find love when you’re young. Throughout the record you can definitely hear what this girl is experiencing via her heartfelt deliveries in “Don’t Let Go” and “Too Late.” Stepping away from the concept of the record, I think the best track that stands alone away from all the others is not their single “Headlights,” although one of their strongest – but rather “Judas Kiss.” The pace of it, the way the words danced around – that shined.

Conceptually, Them vs Her hit the nail on the head when it came to deciphering a story through song. Musically, they were able to balance the rock and the heart but had they had more on the record like “Judas Kiss,” this would’ve been an A+ album instead of a solid B. If you’re a fan of either Mayday Parade or Tonight Alive, or perhaps both – this is the band for you. So get yourself some Swing Sets and Handguns, out April 30. - Golden Mixtape


Consume My Thoughts - EP 2013
     "My Heart" 
     "False Pretense"
     "Consume My Thoughts" 
     "I Found Life"
Too Young - Single 2014
Headlights - Single 2016
Swing Sets and Handguns - Album 2016
     "Too Young" (Rerecorded Version)
     "Who I Am" 
     "Too Late"
     "Don't Let Go"
     "23 Hundred Days"
     "Judas' Kiss"
     "Fall to Fall"
     "Empty Pockets"



Them vs. Her's full length concept record Swing Sets and Handguns tells a distinct lucid story of a young couple plagued by mental illness and addiction. The Alternative/Indie/Rock duo, native to Long Island, NY, consists of real life couple Sarah Rose (vocals) and Tim Stark (guitar). 

The two related to each other by their own struggles and their subsequent recoveries. "Tim's a recovering alcoholic, I'm a recovering bulimic and we've both suffered with depression and suicidal ideation," says Rose, "Those dark years in our lives are ultimately what inspired our songs."    

The full band album presents a short story and ten tracks that blend the duo's rock based influences (think Mayday Parade, Tonight Alive, Secondhand Serenade and Dashboard Confessional) in a dynamically-melodic style, guaranteed to capture your heart, imagination and full-attention. With a lyricism resonating from thought-provoking and emotive tales and an intricate and electrifying indie/alternative delivery, Them vs. Her’s sound has been perfectly tailored to tell their story. 

The duo's debut release has been well received by critics and fans alike with Stitched Sound stating, "Swing Sets and Handguns magnificentlydisplay(s) the band's vocal ability and technical skills. The album smoothly progresses from song to song, using consistent beats and melodies to tie things together." 

"Conceptually, Them vs. Her hit the nail on the head when it came to deciphering a story through song," says music blogger Sunny Menagerie at Golden Mixtape. "They have a solid concept album with Swing Sets and Handguns for those who like their rock with a hint of indie pop."

Though the pair is ecstatic with the reviews and are happy with the local following they've developed in Long Island, Rose and Stark have their sights set on branching out to the Northeast region. They will be spending the rest of 2016 showcasing their talent through a series of mini tours. They will also be releasing a music video in early Summer for the album's lead single "Headlights" (released March 21st). 

"There are so many people that struggle silently; whether they have depression, an eating disorder, alcoholism, an addiction...or anything else that stops someone from truly living their lives," Rose says, "My ultimate goal for the band and the album is to connect with people that are hurting like Tim and I were. If someone hears one of our songs and can relate it to something they've experienced to the point where they don't feel so misunderstood, then we've succeeded in my eyes." 

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