Them 9's

Them 9's


Them 9's is rap for guns, but they play rock music like their life depends on it. Their songs are delivered with aggressive guitars and drums, and designed to make you both stomp your feet as well as break your heart.


Them 9's are a two piece Rock outfit from Australia, comprised of Josh Haire on Guitar and Vocals and Gareth Harrison on drums. They play aggressive but sweet and sometimes melancholy blues driven rock. Josh hails from bands Burning Flag and the Lyndon Tragedy, whilst Gaz is a member of the Yacht Club Djs and Punk group Rick Moranis Overdrive.

Them 9's formed in early 2011 and has barely had a day since where the pair hasn't sat down and played together. Drawing on influences such as the Black Lips, BRMC, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Black Keys and the Sonics the pair have put together a whole swag of songs and one killer live show, that aims to break your heart just as much as make you stomp your feet.


OCT 2011

Them9s Ep free download at

featuring the tracks

- Dixie
- Running
- Regular Touch
- I Won't