The Machete Archive

The Machete Archive

 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Our 3-piece instrumental rock band focuses on writing and performing complex, dynamic songs while maintaining an eminently listenable aesthetic. Our compositions require 100% cooperation from all band members; our individual parts rely upon each others and thus shine brighter than any would alone.


The Machete Archive is a 3-piece, instrumental, progressive rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska. The band formed in 2007 and soon became a local favorite due to an energetic live show that combines the energy and modern sensibilities of a band like At the Drive-In with a strong influence from the greats of the last forty years (Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Beatles, etc.). The music is very complex and dynamic frequently employing polyrhythms and asymmetrical meters to create a series of widely varying moods and soundscapes. Where some bands may choose to sacrifice listenability for a sense of emotional chaos, they can create any mood while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and listenable sound.


Terra Incognita-EP-released December 2007
Tempus Omnia Vorat-LP-released September 2009

Set List

Sets vary in length and content based on the situation but the typical set is 40-50 minutes.