the Machiavillains

the Machiavillains

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The Machiavillains' are a progressive-indie/post-punk trio from Asheville, Nc which creates harsh music with cruel beauty through a fusion of neoclasicism, post-hardcore and modern intellectualism.


The Machiavillains found there start in the spring of 2009 formed by front-man/bassist Patrick Willse, a graduate from Western North Carolina's School of Music his music blends jazz, neoclassicism and soulful post-hardcore to present to you with what has been dubbed "philosopher rock."


Song 1 - Fissious Heart

Written By: Patrick Willse

As liquor turns to bile my blood is mixed with water, emulsified in the rain and cast into the gutter. So naked on that tombstone I took it for granted we'd implode. Let the heavens fall we were too heavy a molecule, unstable at the core. Decayed in half-lives this my fissious heart.

We lost our minds when we went blind, watched the stars explode in every night's sky.
Like those stars we were born to burn. How bright and long scholars would never witness perceive or observe.

You cut the throat of that calf, but whose was it you sacrificed? I must confess I still possess this poisoned tongue of mine. These clever words are acid bleeding with radiation. Hiding in inequities you took shelter in a squall, said, "secrets are for past lives," jesperre tatterre se flamme.

I was slashed and I was ostracized and I was stoned. I crashed in the subterfuge and I laid exposed. I was a refugee and drunk in the fallout, I was an idiot just pissing water away in a drought.

Song 2 - Heart of Romaine

Written By: Patrick Willse

You must think I'm so damn cruel.
Tell me baby, just who are you trying to fool.
So I lied, or so it must seem,
I never want to see you not even in my dreams.

I know the truth, you can never be clean, never be clean enough.
Take all of those tears you shed over me and wash your filthy heart of romaine.

Well now your sorry your my bete noir,
Save the vitriol from your voice when you sing me that aria.
You said I wouldn't understand and I must agree, tell it to your boyfriend tonight while crying yourself to sleep.

I know the truth, you sew what you reap, have you sold yourself cheap enough? Take all of the tears you shed over me and wash your sordid heart of romaine.

Song 4 - Tirades Injustice

Written By: Patrick Willse

We were born without fear, we were nothing but hopes and dreams.
Alone we will die and we'll leave nothing but memories.
For now we are so young. So full of potential energy.
To me you are so dear, without you I would not be me.

Are our lives meant to waste like words at play,
While warm machine guns' fire fray between the empty lines of faith,
Above the life of grace, reduced to lions at bay
Held back by tamers whips and chairs, into this our impossible fate?

Guilty by association, for if we are the company we keep,
Then this company is in love with it's own misery.
It's so hard to break free from these patterns self-imposed we're living,
That shapes the lives we lead and colors these songs we sing.


the Machiavillains EP 2010
Natural Selections 2010
Machiavillains 2 2011

Set List

Fissious Heart
Razor's Paramour
Propaganda Man
Tirades Injustice
the Trace and the Gram
Philosopher's Stoned
Yamagata's Wheels
Heart of Romaine
Null and Void
Ode Vices
Witticisms et Criticisms
Philosophers are Jerks
the Butcher
Riserva Me
(est time: 1hr 15min.)