The Maffa Kings

The Maffa Kings


A sleazy physchedelic journey of emotion,pain and questions that leave the listener anything from uplifted to melancholy and anything inbetween. You can dance, sing, jump or just listen to the music of The Maffa Kings..


"Every Black Cloud" the title of the bands latest 4 track EP is the result of the bands recent hard work and dedication to their trade, recorded over a long weekend in July 2009 ,it is a reflection of where the band are now and a starting point for all things to come.

The EP is currently being distributed worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Napster any many other digital service providers.

Already in 2009 the band have played extensively throughout the UK and also their first European festival date in Torrevieja Spain they are constantly adding dates at venues throughout the country.

They have a hunger and desire to continuously develop creative ideas whilst always striving to better their last recording or live performance.


Ep releases...
Sold As Seen Ep
Black Or Blood Ep
Titanium Halo Ep
Every Black Cloud Ep

Set List

Our sets are as short or as long as you want them... We have 20/30 songs to choose from at the mo and set our set lists accordingly... The only cover we have ever performed is Set You Free by The Black Keys...