The Magnificent Brotherhood

The Magnificent Brotherhood


Kick-ass garage rock! A hot party is guaranteed when the band blasts through 60s induced Acid Punk and Psych Pop numbers leaving the kids breathless and in awe! If this band leaves you dry and motionless you are either dead or a cop! Forever slaves to the FUZZ!


Biff! Bang! Pow!
What the fuck?
Is it Garage? Is it Punk? Is it Psych?
NO, it’s…

The garage rock quartet is certainly THE band from the current vibrating Berlin underground scene who kicks the most ass! Fuzz-guitar, Farfisa-organ, danceable and catchy compositions as well as a huge pinch of freak-out coin the brothers’ wild sound. Often hailed as “the saviors of the non-electronic dance party”, their music is refreshingly different from the ruling monotony in the current rock scene. In concert THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD unleashes an overwhelming energy that leaves no-one dry or motionless! Since they don’t rack their brains too much their explosive shows center around party, dancing and having fun which wows a young, well-mixed and colourful audience who goes way beyond the usual rock scene! THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD have just released their debut album on CD/LP and they are currently on the road through Europe in order to bring one of their trademark dance concerts to your town…

THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD's music caters to following genres: Rock / Garage / Psychedelic / 60s / Acid Punk / Garage Punk / Freakbeat / West Coast


The band has played ca. 100 gigs since its formation in January 2007. 2 demos, 2 contributions to compilations and one full lenght effort have been released. Nation-wide media coverage following the release of the debut album in March 2008.

After establishing themselves as concert attraction in their hometown Berlin and selling out the prestigeous Roter Salon they have now also played all major German cities multiple times as well as festivals in Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Austria. Festival appearances include Burg Herzberg Festival, Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival (DK), Swamp Room Happening, Swamp Room Mania, Traffic Jam Open Air, Fete de la Musique, Go!Lleida 60s Weekend (ES), Sauzipf Rocks Festival (A), Burn Out Music Festival (A), Yellowstock Festival (BE) and many others. They have shared the stage with Baby Woodrose (DK), The Higher State (UK), Siena Root (SWE), Damo Suziki (JAP), Cherry Overdrive (DK), Cpt. Howdy (D), Fuzz Manta (DK), Hypnos 69 (BE), Colour Haze (GER), The Perpetrators (CAN), La Ira De Dios (PER), Mandra Gora Lightshow Society (GER), Vibravoid (GER), Rotor (GER), Josiah (UK), Five! Fast!! Hits!!! (GER) and many others...

This year will see the band playing close to 100 gigs all over Germany and Europe, including twenty festival appearances as well as a headlining Spain tour in fall 2008. They are also confirmed for Germany's biggest Weekender SUMMER SAFARI. The band will be featured on the official FUZZTONES tribute sample due in fall. They will enter the studio towards the end of the year in order to cut their sophomore full lenght effort...



2007 - "First demo" (CD)
2007 - "Second demo" (CD)
2007 - "Trip in Time Vol. 2" (2CD) V.A. Sampler feat. "Old tattoo"
2008 - "The Magnificent Brotherhood" (CD/LP) Magnificent Music
2008 - "Trip in Time Vol.3" (CD) V.A. Sampler feat. "My flash on you"
2008 - "Mimi's tune" b/w tba (7 inch) due August 2008

Set List

A typical setlist could look like this:

Mimi’s tune
Mind machine
All because of you
You can only guess
Divine advice
A thing called love
Old tattoo
My flash on you
Gun or run
Dope idiots
Mind garage
Last song about you
Too much
Suck it
No mercy on ravers
Invisible people

The band typically plays 20-24 songs within 70 min. Festival sets can also last up to 90 min. The band changes and varies the setlist regularly. Their active repertoire is comprised of ca. 35 originals and 5-7 covers. A typical show features 3 to 4 covers by artists like Love, Hamilton Street Car, HP Lovecraft, Country Joe and the Fish and others. Occasional psychedelic jams will be thrown in on special occasions. The band works best late at night with one single explosive set not exceeding 70 minutes. However, they are also capable of shaping their repertoire for two sets.