The Mai 68s

The Mai 68s


The Mai 68s are the sound of dinosaur jr if fronted by ulrike meinhof, the ramones if they sniffed c86 comps rather than glue, and the band phil spector would have loved if he hadn't gone the whole starsailor/gunningpeopledownthang route (allegedly).


“What The Mai 68s have got is a perfectly controlled mess of dreamy vocals and multiple waves of ringing guitars that seem to splill into a haze of feedback at all the right moments. “

The Mai 68s are a quartet from Leicester England who play noisy indiepop inspired by a love of bands such as the JAMC, Felt and MBV. Formed in 2007 the Mai 68s released their debut single in June 2008 called ‘Froth on the Daydream’ (Cloudberry Records). Both this and the attendant mini-album ‘Some Hearts are made to Die’ sold out their initial pressings in a short space of time. The lead track ‘Froth on the Daydream’ and its B side “Lead me to a quiet cell’, both produced by ex TV Personality and Creation legend – Joe Foster, garnered a large amount of press and radio play; Froth on the Daydream was nominated for the John Peel inspired Festive Fifty on Dandelion Radio as well as featuring in several end of year top tens

The follow up single ‘Paper and Sticks’ is due for release early 2009 again on Cloudberry Records and a third single is also due to be released on Brazilian label Bohilas Records around the same time. Work currently continues (again with Joe Foster at the helm) towards the debut album, which is due to be released later on in the year.

The Mai 68s have also featured on a number of compilations of bands including ones for Series Two records in the States and Make Do and Mend in the UK.

Live the Mai 68s have been playing to sizable audiences up and down the country, both headlining and providing support to notable bands such as the Wedding Present, These New Puritans and The June Brides. Summer 2008 saw the quartet play at a number of festivals, including a now legendary Main Stage set at the Indietracks Festival in Ripley


Froth on the Daydream/Lead me to a Quiet Cell - CD single - Cloudberry Records

Some Hearts are Made to Die - CD mini Album

Paper and Sticks 7" Single on Cloudberry Records