The Maids Of Music

The Maids Of Music


"The Maids of Music" is a visionary touring band and production company formed in Toronto, Canada by entrepreneurs, Jesse LeBoutillier and Andrew Mallat.


Jesse is a self-taught prolific song writer with more than two hundred original songs. He has collaborated with Toronto band Beautiful Honky and has published songs with Andy Magoffin's Two Minute Miracles. His first self released album stayed at the number-one position for six weeks in a row on Radio Western 94.7 FM. Jesse's unique charisma and stage presence is guaranteed to engage any audience.

Andrew has been produced by Juno Award winner Gavin Brown, has extensive guitar training, and is a certified recording engineer from The Recording Institute of Detroit, founded by Bob Dennis. He studied music production and theory with Pete Palazzolo at the Canadian Conservatory of Music. He co-founded Alaafia Productions in Windsor and has experience as a lighting designer & staging coordinator having worked with both Christie Lites and CCR Solutions. Andrew has been involved in staging concerts, corporate meetings, presentations, and fashion shows all over Canada and the U.S.

Each individually inspired and trained, they come together to offer fresh vibrations to the entertainment scene. From the bar/pub circuit to concert venues, to outdoor festivals or even private parties, The Maids Of Music are your go to band. The Maids of Music bridge genres mixing acoustic sets with DJ aspects or offer a full band experience complete with audio visual elements. Jesse and Andrew have the creative skills, tools and connections to make any event a memorable one. At home on stage, they offer creative vision and musical talent that shines in their original music and brings new energy to classic covers.

Set List

Extensive Original Music List, Original or Specialized Dj Sets + Covers including but not limited to;
*All My Life & Everlong by Foo Fighters
*All These Things That I've Done by The Killers
*Bang a Gong, Children Of The Revolution & Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex
*Benny And The Jets & Honky Cat by Elton John
*Blow at High Dough by The Tragically Hip
*Burnin' Down The House by Talking Heads
*Don't You Evah by Spoon
*Dear Prudence, Rocky Raccoon & Sexy Sadie by The Beatles
*The Machine, Wish You Were Here, Young Lust, & Bike by Pink Floyd
*Into The Mystic by Van Morrison
*Lazy Eye by Sliver Sun Pickups
*Monkey Gone To Heaven by The Pixies
*Get To The Point by Tom Petty
*Heart Of Gold, Cinnamon Girl & Old Man by Neil Young
*Jane Says,Stop & My Time by Jane's Addiction
*Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf
*Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
*Shake Me Down by Cage The Elephant
*Strange Times by The Black Keys
*Take A Picture by Filter
*Kaya, Redemption Song, I Shot The Sheriff, T