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The Mailman's Children

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF | AFM

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Alternative


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"I.M.D. (Seattle) Exclusive Interview WITH TMC's ERIC"

1 What do you want fans to take from your music?
We want to people to feel like they just had a pretty high-level musical experience, while still keeping it pretty simple for them. I think what we love is the idea of people really being enthralled by the musical part of what we do, and for them to actually have to think about the words they just heard. Give them some of the message while leaving some things to interpretation, which will make them want to hear it again. On the other hand, we also love the idea of our music being enjoyable after a few drinks, and that’s why we have the odd song that makes people do nothing more than laugh or smile. Hence, “Crazy Without It,” or on our 2nd album “The Bathroom Floor.”

2 Who are some of your top musical influences?
I love The Killers, Radiohead, The Police and in the acoustic world people like Jim Croce and Ani Difranco. Joe C loves The Strokes, Billy Joel and The Sam Roberts Band up in Canada. Perreault loves anything from Pearl Jam to Counting Crows to Chris Thile. And Eddie is a little more nostalgic…Yes and Rush for him. He truly is the “prog element” in our otherwise little mainstream rock band. Of course, some pin us as alt rock too, so who knows.

3 What’s the best concert you have ever been to?
I always remember going to see The Black Crowes years ago during the “Shake Your Money Maker” tour. That was a killer memory. Rock N’ Roll. Blues. So so loud, and I didn’t wear plugs that night. Chris Robinson swigging JD and yelling it proud while I inhaled whatever there was in the air on the floor. Can’t beat that.

4 Do you remember the first song you ever wrote together?
I usually write all of the songs for TMC. However, a couple of our songs are flat out co-written. With that said, all TMC songs require the guys’ parts to make the tunes what they actually are. A great memory though is when Joe P (lead guitars) and myself wrote the tune “Stranger Things” together. It’s the title track from our second album. I had started the song and been working on it for a longtime. It was driving me nuts. I just couldn’t finish it. So one day after jam, we stayed behind and locked ourselves in the rehearsal space for what felt like hours, and P came up with a cool chord or two that really changed things, and helped the arrangement. He’s brilliant that way.

5 Tell us about your latest CD?
“Supply and Demand” is our 3rd studio disc and we recorded it up in Winnipeg with producer JP Peters. We had a lot of material to pick from but wanted to whittle it down to a collection of 6 songs that we felt would fit well together and represent us well for where we are at right now. We took our time recording this one, recording 3 songs in one session and then the other 3 in another session several months later. Lots of time was taken once in the studio producing and layering, and especially in the mixing process. JP was great throughout the whole process, really helping us bring the songs to life. It’s crazy but I actually went back in and re-did the vocals for the choruses in “Crazy Without It” just before the mixing process was done, and amazingly, JP never once become impatient. We got down and dirty, and nit-picky. We really wanted to get the best we could out of this EP, and we really think we did.

6 What’s it best and worst things about being a band in your locale?
Although I live in Minneapolis, we are truly a Canadian band, and still based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba just a few hours away from Minneapolis. So, our locale is Winnipeg. The great thing about Winnipeg is there are tons of very talented and creative musicians there. It’s great to grow up this way. It’s a place where lots of people love and play music. one complaint has to be that Winnipeg is SO FAR from any other large Canadian music center - 24 hours from Eastern Centers like Toronto and Montreal. And 12 to 24 hours from places like Calgary and Vancouver. It’s also equally very far from all US music centers…except Minneapolis of course, where I already live. Touring is always a trek no matter what. But, I guess that’s what it should be.

7 Is there a track that stands out on your latest release that stands out as being your personal favorite?
Joe C’s (bass) favorite from the start was “Undercover,” long before we recorded it. Most of the band feels that way too. Except I think Eddie’s favorite is still “Walls Have Ears.” When we polled people on this CD before release, “Undercover” was by far the song they loved after their first listen. The irony is I wanted to get rid of “Undercover” because I didn’t really like it anymore, having written it a few years back. Now, I’m not going to say that I’m a sell out or anything, but now that people are loving it, and now that we’re playing it again, I do kind of like the song too.

8 What’s the best thing about performing live?
We love the live show. You literally feel the music though the monitors, as it hits you, ripping through your body. If people think they can hear it, we can hear really hear it…but the biggest difference live is you can feel the watts juice your body. I think we also love that everyone has to try their best…It’s time to perform…get your shit together! You have to kill it and everyone knows it, and it’s always a surprise what your band is going to pull off on stage under the microscope. Of course, seeing what your fans are about to do next is equally entertaining.

IMD Any touring scheduled to support?

EL Touring for this record will start December 2013 in Canada and then really get going into 2014. We plan on crossing into the US later in 2014, after we get some VISA stuff straightened out. Even though I can play the US and Canada, the rest of the band is all Canadian so VISAS are always the game for touring down here.

IMD What’s next for The Mailmans Children?

EL Right now we’re just working on promotions and getting our CD in the right hands, across Canada and the US. While we manage ourselves right now – and we’re pretty good at it after several years – we really want to find management that really understands where we’re heading, and who wants to take us there. People who believe in us and the tunage.

IMD Tell me about the lyrics at this point in your career?

EL I used to spend most of my time on previous discs hiding behind the words. You know, simile, metaphor, imagery, abstract, disguised. Now I just say it like it is, or at least a little more than I used to. I think people like when they can either really get what I’m saying or at least relate to it in their own way. Or, somehow tie the message into their personal lives and whatever’s going on for them at that time. After all, that’s pretty much the kind of stuff I like too.

IMD WHY DO THEY CALL YOU GUYS A NORTH-American based rock band?

EL When we took our hiatus of a couple of years, I moved just over the border to Minneapolis because of side work I was doing, where I now live downtown Minneapolis. So we’re now “North American,” rocking both sides of the border so to speak. But, I’m not too far away from the boys though. Winnipeg is only 6 hours away so we practice and meet regularly. It hasn’t affected us. In fact, I think they like the space from me! - I.M.D. (USA)

"INDIE ARTISTS MUSIC ALLIANCE - The Mailman's Children release "Supply & Demand""

"Supply and Demand is a must have and in the class of all by itself" - Jennifer Hertzler

"TORONTO SUN - CD REVIEW: "Stranger Things""

“There’s NOTHING ILLEGITIMATE about Mailman’s Children. These guys are the real deal…Equal parts inspiration, perspiration and aspitation.” Darryl Sterdan (currently SUN MEDIA)

"GIG BAND - The Mailman's Children, "Supply & Demand" EP"

"Mailman’s Children have way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows of overly-predictable Power Pop Rock that’s been flooding the airways lately." - Michael Rand
RATING 4* out of 5*** - GIG

"STYLUS MAGAZINE (Winnipeg, MB, CA) - "Stranger Things" by The Mailman's Children"

"Details that are all too often overlooked are handled with care and deft precision. In a Rust Never Sleeps meets Also Sprach Zarathustra manoeuvre, two versions of the rock anthem “La Guillotine” bookend the album, building up to the album and then dramatically concluding it with the same melody. More than a collection of songs, Stranger Things is a complete album, best enjoyed as a whole." - Broose Tulloch
RATING: 4* out of 5* - STYLUS MAGAZINE (University of Winnipeg)

"SKOPE MAG (Boston, MA, USA) - The Mailman's Children, Supply & Demand (EP)"

“Supply and Demand is sure to be remembered as one of the more modern Alternative Rock-Pop releases of our time from Canada. It’s pure College Rock the way it used to be via full-tilt of playing, hooky grooves and a top tiered sound. It’s the ultimate in musical intoxication. - Scottie Carlito
RATING: 4.5* out of 5*** - SKOPE MAG, BOSTON, MA, USA

"INDIE MUSIC DIGEST (Seattle, WA, USA) CD REVIEW: The Mailman's Children - Supply and Demand"

“Like a heavy weight boxer the songs keep coming at you one after the other - with no sign of letting up. From heartfelt “Walls Have Ears” to grooving Anger At Its Best” this CD pretty much has something for just about everyone.” - Cyrus Rhodes
RATING: 9* out of 10*** - INDIE MUSIC DIGEST, Seattle, WA, USA

"MUSIC EMISSIONS, The Mailman's Children "Supply & Demand""

“…there is a tightness and intimacy throughout all six songs which warrant repeated listens - You could say this EP is essential audio accompaniment to any prolonged road trip.” - Rockthusiast, AKA Gilles Leblanc
RATING 3.5* out of 10*** - MUSIC EMISSIONS (USA)

"REVIEW YOU - The Mailman's Children, Supply and Demand"

"The Mailman’s Children deliver songs that are infectious, nicely constructed and memorable, and Supply and Demand paints a consistently attractive picture of this Canadian/American band from Manitoba by way of Minnesota." Alex Henderson
RATING: 4* out of 5*** - REVIEW YOU


2014 - Currently recording a 4th album @ Private Ear

July/2013 - "Supply & Demand" 
Tracks: Undercover, Crazy Without It, Do You Wanna Be Right, Walls Have Ears, Anger At Its Best, Lately
Recorded at Private Ear in Winnipeg, MB, Canada w/ JP Peters (Royal Canoe/Propaghandi)

2013 - Re-release of re-mixed/ Re-mastered "Stranger Things"
2002 - "Stranger Things"
Tracks: La Guillotine, Stranger Things, Thoughts To End, Go, Mustard Fields, Floorboards,Bruises Cascade
When It Gets Cold, The Bathroom Floor, Confessions of a Dishonest Fisherman, La Guillotine (extended)

2001 - "Maritime Sun" EP
Tracks: Beloved, Call Us Cowards, Maritime Sun, Second Best, Will You Listen



The Mailman's Children (TMC) is a Can-American Indie rock band based out of both Winnipeg, MB, Canada and Helena, MT, USA. Singer Eric Labossiere currently lives in Helena, MT, USA, while the rest of the band lives in Winnipeg.  TMC consists of Eric Labossiere (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Joel Couture (Joe C) on bass, Joel Perreault (Joe P) on lead electric guitar and backing vocals, and Ivan Burke on drums.  Eddie Vesely recorded drums for the band's previous 2 studio efforts.

TMC has done numerous TV and radio appearances, and toured much of North America. Capable of turning on their rock show or falling back on their acoustic charm, they've played with a variety of acts to include Wide Mouth Mason, The Northern Pikes, Mark Reeves, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, Greg MacPherson, Pushing Daisies, Keith and Renee, Roller, Son of Dave (Ben Darvill of The Crash Test Dummies), and many more. 2015 marked the band's 15th year and their 4th studio effort, a released called "The Spiders We Eat."


October, 2015: OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Ride In Your Mind" (from "The Spiders We Eat") is released.                       
March 1, 2015: "The Spiders We Eat" is released. This was the band's 4th studio effort, recorded over 2014 with new drummer Ivan Burke and producer JP Peters.  

July, 2013: "Supply and Demand." The band's 3rd studio release. Canadian touring for this studio release began Dec/2013. "Supply and Demand" was recorded at Private Ear in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA. The work was co-produced by JP Peters and Eric Labossiere. JP Peters has worked with acts such as Royal Canoe and Propagandhi, while Labossiere (a member of the band itself) has always been a big part of producing the band's music.

"Stranger Things" (July 2013). This is the re-mixed/re-mastered version of the band's 2nd studio release. The album was released nationally and internationally for the first time in 2013. Made available to all major online and streaming sources.

"Stranger Things" (2003). Original recording of the band's 2nd studio release. Several tours in support of this album. One of which was a 25 show Canadian tour in support of this album. Opened for Wide Mouth Mason, Sass Jordan, The Northern Pikes and Alanah Myles. Many radio and television appearances, and received good radio airplay. "Stranger Things" also received high regards from national writer Darryl Sterdan.

"Maritime Sun" (2001). This was the band's 1st studio release. An EP to include early works such as "Call Us Cowards," "Second Best" and "Will You Listen."                     

The HORSESHOE Tavern, BLACKDOG Freehouse, IRONWOOD Stage & Grill, BIG BOP Building, PYRAMID Cabaret, WEST END Cultural Center, McNALLY'S Tavern, ROCKBOTTOM, LANCASTER Taphouse, The Cathedral, ROCKWATER, REDS, MORGAN'S on 17th, PRARIE INK Cafe, SIDETRACK, FREETIMES, BUSHWAKKER Brewpub, GRIZZbar, etc... 
TOURING ARCHIVES:!touring-archives/cqpr

THE SOUND: The Mailman's Children bring a unique brand of acoustic-electric rock to the table.  Known for smooth, passionate vocals, driving bass and drums, sonic guitar interplay and thought-provoking lyrics, The Mailman's Children are visionaries with a fresh sound who somehow incorporate memorable hints of the 80s and 90s.

INFLUENCES: The Killers, Radiohead, The Strokes, Sam Roberts Band, The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, The Police, Rush, Yes, Billy Joel, Jim Croce, Counting Crows, Simon & Garfunkel, Chris Thiele.

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