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The Makeout Party

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Makeout Party by Alexandra Quinones"

"Makeout Party doesn't possess the hard-hitting lyrics and gangster thump that often whet the palates of hip-hop lovers, but the group's candy-coated hopscotch beats won't leave your mouth dry. Those with more of a sweet tooth and an appetite for the lighthearted antics of Peaches and Avenue D will enjoy chewing on Makeout Party's bubblegum music. The hip-hop outfit's nonsensical rhymes and booming bass are packaged with an attitude that screams hipsters gone wild. Rappers Fatty and Tiger Beat toss lyrics back and forth while Mish and No!ze Machine drop keyboard beats and back-up vocals. Expect to see the quirky collective in a small dive rather than a ghetto-fabulous club; their fans are more likely to sport checkered Vans than Timberlands. Tracks like "I Love the '80s/Early '90s" encapsulate the retro b-boy mashed with neo-indie feel that the quartet exudes through its peculiar presence. Makeout Party is everything its namesake should be: fun, dancey, conducive to kissing, and refreshingly youthful."

July 28, 2006 - Miami New Times

"The Makeout Party"

"Given the facetious lyrics and basic beats, these girls may very well be the long-lost kid sisters of Licenced to Ill-era Beastie Boys."

April 15, 2005 - Washington Square News

"Face the Music by Dylan Edrich"

"The Makeout Party is on to something: white girls rapping. Yes, it's as funny as it sounds - which is a good thing. The Makeout Party is the product of "a joke that just wouldn't stop being funny." The group is composed of rappers Fatgirl, a.k.a. Rebecca Chandler, and Tiger Beat, a.k.a. Melanie Donnelly, backed by DJ Whyless Mic. The Makeout Party's sound has definitely progressed from their first foray in 2003; their two newest tracks, "I Love the '80s/ early '90s" and "My Plastic Heart Cannot Love" showcase marked improvement. On these tracks, the rappers' delivery is more fluid, their lyrics more logical and Whyless' beats and samples more confident and creative... The Makeout Party is refreshingly hip."

April 8, 2005 - Washington Square News




Feeling a bit camera shy


Emerging from the deep basements of Brooklyn, The Makeout Party, a Hip Hop collective, has been invading dive-bars, street fairs, bodegas, and fashion shows all over this bitch we call New York City. After hearing this quartet of rebel rousers, you'll be left with a hefty hangover, pants around your ankles, and wondering "wtf happened!?"

"Well then," you say, "what does the Makeout Party sound like?" Imagine, if you will, Lil' Jon seducing the cast of 'Saved by the Bell' into a shameless, drunken orgy with Whitney Houston. The sound this unholy union would produce is in fact the sound of the Makeout Party: sick beats, ill rhymes, hi-jinx drama, and shit-loads of attitude.

Mixed together like the ingredients of a sweet Long Island Iced Tea, members Fatty, Tiger Beat, No!ze Machine, and the Mish Mash all have unique histories and talents which form the cultural institution known as the The Makeout Party. Here's a run down:

Fatty [microphone] unwittingly lost 300 lbs by eating exclusively at Subway (thanks a lot, Jared!).

Tiger Beat [microphone] was birthed in the basement of a Prada store and now writes the gossip column Mo Drama Faux Yo Mama.

No!ze Machine [microphone/keys/beats] got her modest start playing piano at a bar for peanuts and sexual favors.

Mish the Mish Mash [microphone/cd] started out as a TV commercial child actor. He has since moved on to print modeling.

This spirited bunch is unstoppable. Their songs "Sausage Fest," "Get Classy," and ''Easy,'' are quickly taking them from myspace, straight into your face, and right into outer space. The infectiously incestuous combination of quirky lyrics flying high on top of booming Miami Bass beats is just what NYC needs to be cool and start dancing again.

So watch out, because the next time you're getting ready to hit on a girl that you are not totally sure is a girl, the Makeout Party will be there, laughing at you, and buying you another drink. Get crazy. Get classy. Makeout!