The Makitas

The Makitas


The Makitas are moody metaphor mixers who weave new wave, rock and alternative sensibilities around succinct, sincere and sometime sarcastic syllables. The tempos are upbeat, the sound is downtown and great songs are what it's all about. Debut CD, "It's Not you, It's Us", is available online now.


1. It was the olden days. Lexus Sakic writes songs and forms bands such as the Extroverts, Petty Pleasures, Eddie Lester and the Lonesome, Handsome Devils, and so forth. He eventually finds himself feeling unfulfilled, without a band, and just generally being regularly up to no good. One day, without warning …2. He meets a drummer, Ford Smith, who is also a guitar player. Ford is already busy with his own rock band Sourmash, but nonetheless tells Lexus to get with it, already, and do something rock related. 3. Inspired, surprised, and resoundingly underemployed, Lexus writes up some new numbers, and the beginnings of Ratty have, well, begun. But who will play bass? 4. Lincoln Larocque returns from a life of rock and high living in Vancouver, and is one day minding his own business, enjoying a beverage, when he is accosted by his old pal Ford, with whom he had rocked back in the day when the hair of rockers hung long. Ford introduces Lexus to Lincoln, and before long 5. Ratty is born. Ratty gigs Western Canada and, in 1998, records Love Suburban Style. 6. Nothing happens. 7. Lexus moves to Japan for two years, is stimulated, and writes songs accordingly. 8. Lexus returns to Canada with an idea for a new, ramped up 4-piece, but has no idea where to find a great guitar player. 9. Ford is way ahead of Lexus as usual and introduces talented axe master Bricklin Backenborough. 10. Several tunes born in Japan become the template for The Makitas. One tune, "The Other Side", is written half in Japanese and half in English!


Make Mine Candy

Written By: Lexus Sakic

Make mine pop, make mine candy
Little store hot July
She’s a smell unforgotten
She’s a reason to cry
If our bones never stretched and our skin wasn’t wide
If I looked out the window I’d see you outside

Make mine sky, make mine Elvis
When he wasn’t so fat
Make mine hope, make mine Grover
Or that song or that cat
If I don’t move a muscle, you’ll never dissolve
In the tree by the birdbath you’ll never dissolve

I wanna melt it down, back to version 2, version 2
I wanna melt you down, back to version 2, version 2

Make mine Beep, make mine Sunny D-evolution’s begun
I am still by the birdbath
I am still version one

If I don’t move a muscle, you’ll never dissolve
On the moon in Apollo you’ll never dissolve.

A Girl Like Me

Written By: Lexus Sakic

There’s this band I used to hate
So did all the girls I dug, so really it was nothing personal.
I just have to open up, so says this cool magazine,
my wife, my cat, my friends, and so on

In times like these My manifested manliness is all I have
But a girl like me is too tall and uncommunicative
To ever be much of a good girl

I have issues, add them up.
A calculator may be needed, but Rome apparently took quite a while.
There’s this band I used to like, now I listen to their 8-tracks
And I understand why there’s not

Girls like me My manifested manliness is all I have
But a girl like me is too tall and uncommunicative
To ever be much of a good girl

Racy Rabbit

Written By: Lexus Sakic

Watch as the needle jerks, keep it low, Keep it down… if you can
But if you can’t then please hold the road, And your baby’s hand

And keep it sweet, Keep it perfectly along your street
If your steering suffers from a glitch, You might fatally engage the ditch / And no one wants that

Run, like the Racy Rabbit you are, steps ahead of the pace car
Racy Rabbit don’t expire in the path of the front tire
We sense the burden that you bear as the head honcho hot hare
Racy Rabbit we aspire to pull you from the fire.

The course winds around the city, and up, Where the air thins and heaves / And the upturned face of your child
Shows that she believes

And at the top, There the road declines to let you stop
And there is no finish line as such, You’re surprised you’ve taken on this much / With such skinny arms


- as Ratty: 1998's Love Suburban Style
- Makitas debut CD, "It's Not You, It's Us" available now via

Set List

The Makitas celebrate the creativity and diversity of Canadian music by interpreting and playing only Canadian covers, denoted below by *. All other songs are original.

The Gardening
A Girl Like Me
Make Mine Candy
The Sound of Today
My Music @ Work*
Let it Ride*
Bona Fide
The Man with the Boiling Heart
Hey Lazy Lover
Runnin Back to Saskatoon*
World Hockey Association