The Maladies

The Maladies


The Maladies sound like The Kinks, The Clash, and the Queens of The Stone Age, if Frank Zappa were in those bands. Strong melodies, sing along choruses, provocative and intelligent lyrics. And you can dance to it!


After playing together in 3Px and Man Or Machine, singer/songwriter/guitarist Erik Gillberg and bassist Michael Parente formed The Maladies in 2003. Patrick Adams (Guitar) and Joe Spencer (Drums) joined the band in winter 2005 and work began on what would become The Maladies self-titled full-length debut. The album, which was released on Darkjoy Records in May 2007, reflects the beginnings of what has become a strong chemistry between band-members.
Tracking is almost complete on a second album which is slated for release in early 2009.
Since coming together two years ago, the band has been playing continuously at local bars, theaters, clubs, and outdoor venues to an appreciative and growing number of fans.
Local radio stations KSKI 103.7 and Kech 95.3 have been regularly playing The Maladies to appreciative listeners.
To support their new album The Maladies recently hit the road in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain States, bringing a unique blend of hooky guitar rock, potent song craft, and a dynamic and entertaining live show.


All The Way (Carrie's Song)

Written By: Erik Gillberg ©2007

Carrie was the one, she was having all the fun
She had all the guys wrapped around her finger
Everybody knew that she knew what to do
It was an obvious conclusion, there was no confusion
She went all the way

She said, “I like sun and blue sky
I love to laugh, don’t love to cry
Hate the pain, don’t hate the rain
That falls from the sky

Carrie had a hit and oh my god she liked it
When I asked her why a tear was in her eye
She said, “I can’t feel anything at all,
And that’s the way I like it.”
That’s the way she liked it
And she went all the way
But you don’t have to say it that way


Carrie said, “Its over. I’ll just walk away.”
But something wasn’t right, she couldn’t sleep at night
There were people all around her, but she still felt alone
Its an obvious conclusion, and it was no solution
But she went all the way
You don’t have to say it that way


Donna Said

Written By: Erik Gillberg ©2007

Donna Said
Words and Music By Erik Gillberg ©2007
Performed by The Maladies

Big house party in the Hollywood Hills (above the city)
I don’t know how they ever paid the bills (They robbed a bank)
Red Hot Peppers on the stereo (Flea slappin’ the bass)
I met a girl named Donna, Donna Bellagio
Eyes locked from across the room (What did she do?)
She gave me a look would have made King Tut sit up in his tomb
She took me out on the dance floor, put her arms around my neck
Her skin was smooth and her touch was warm, I became a wreck
Donna said she would take me home, but I didn’t know
(Chorus) D-O-N-N-A sounds like L-O-L-A Ray Davies sang about it before
But I must tell my story
D-O-N-N-A sounds like L-O-L-A Ray Davies sang about it the best
But oh my god she looks good in that dress
4 o’clock and the music stopped I was just about to do the same
Donna came and sat on my lap and said, “I didn’t get your name”
“Donna, baby, I like your style I like it how you break the rules
But it would be a shame, a crying game, if I let you play me for a fool
(Bridge) And as they both sink beneath the waves
Frog cries out: Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion?
For now we will both drown.
Scorpion replies: I can’t help it, it’s in my nature!

Cover Your Tracks

Written By: Erik Gillberg ©2007

Cover Your Tracks
Words and Music By Erik Gillberg ©2007
Performed by The Maladies

Living in the city now the sky is gray the camera is rolling, feeding you into a database where you don’t want to go
Cover your tracks, don’t give no information
Cover your tracks, to the corporation
Cover your tracks, they need your cooperation
Cover your tracks, its privacy annihilation
Buy a loaf of bread, they don’t need your date of birth
That’s for when you’re dead, goes on tombstone
when they put you in the earth
But you’re going to give them what they want
Seems like nothing now, but its going to come back to haunt you
(Chorus) Cover your tracks, don’t give no information
Cover your tracks, to the corporation
Cover your tracks, they need your cooperation
Cover your tracks because ther’re coming for you
And they want you to think there’s nothing you can do
They want to scan your eye and give you a number
Somebody takes your eye, oh fuck, what a bummer
Doesn’t matter what they say, doesn’t have to be this way
Hey hey don’t let them take it away
Listen to what I say when I say
Its been twenty years since eighty-four
How many tears must fall before
Big brother credit card new world order
Makes you want to move across the border
Big brother credit card fight club fight back
Once they take it away its so hard to get it back


2003 - The Sick (EP)
2005- What Doesn't Kill You (EP)
2007 - The Maladies (LP)
2009 - Many More Maladies (TBA)

Set List

The Maladies set is all original material with the occasional cool cover. The band can comfortably play for 45 to 120 minutes, and keep an audience the whole time.
1.Cover Your Tracks
6.Jessica Is Dead
9.Yoga Mom Snap
16.Safe Like A Tomb
17.Sell Me Down (The River)
18.Network Generation
19.King Atom
20.The Bus
22.Send Me A sign
23.Snot OK Waltz
24.Pink Sunglasses
25.We’ve Got A Secret