The Malamondos

The Malamondos


A Psycho-a-go-go Sleazeout mix of garage, surf, rockabilly and punk...a decadent throw-back party band when ya boil it down, with a strong female lead.


For the past six years The Malamondos have made their mark on the headboard of Psycho-A-Go-Go rock-n-roll with their seductive vocals, tremolo-verbed twang-n-growl and tightly-thunderous back-beats. With influences ranging from The Rolling Stones and The Sonics to Russ Meyer and The Muppets, it should come as no surprise that The Malamondos have crafted such a unique and instantly intoxicating sound. Spreading the words and rhythms of a darker and more provocative world of sex, lies, and audiotape, The Malamondos have shown the masses that live music and good times were alive and well.

Their formula is simple — take pounding, primal dead-of-night beats from the shady beatnik soul of drummer Max Diablo. From his twisted half-brother Mick Diablo, add bass that jump-starts your heart and shakes your body. Liberally apply guitar wrenched from surf and growling garage, coaxed from a moonless night by a plotting Van Serpico. Haunting, gutsy and authoritative vocals top the barely contained swagger of the band as sultry siren Hunny Goodnight weaves her insidious plans for world domination.

In June of 2008 these best-laid plans began to ferment as Red Car Records released The Malamondos sophomore CD, Roctopussy. Recorded with legendary Southern Culture on the Skids frontman Rick Miller, Roctopussy drips with tales of lust, jealousy and hell-raising like “Bad Bad Fun Girl,” “Do the Temptation,” “Tittyboom” and “Malvina.” Evil plans were furthered with national exposure as their song "Condoms and Candy" was selected as background music for an episode of the newly revived Knight Rider show on NBC.

2009 promises to be another sin-tastic year, as recording sessions are planned with Joe Queer (from the legendary punk band The Queers) and Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs, Gore Gore Girls)!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It...
“ going in to a porn shop in Europe at 2:30 in the morning! It's erotic and scary all at the same time...” - TJ the DJ, 88.7 WFOS

“...the soundtrack for an episode of Scooby-Doo made for mature audiences - Swamp Thing songs for trailer-park surfin’ on a moonless night. Proof that in the wild, just-naughty-enough world of The Malamondos, there is no such thing as having too much fun.” - Ed Bumgardner Relish

“A simplistic one-sentence description would be ‘X‘s Exene Cervenka fronting the Gun Club with Dave Alvin of The Blasters sitting in,’ ...Hire'em for your drunken destruction party-if you dare.” Jack Rabid Big Take-Over

If The New York Dolls and Southern Culture on the Skids had a bastard child it would be called The Malamondos. - Random blogger

Great, rollicking, fun weirdness. - Random blogger

The Lowdown
Shared the Stage With Southern Culture on the Skids, Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers, Holly Golightly, Dexter Romweber, The Forty-Fives, The Gore Gore Girls, The Charms, Jimmy & the Teasers, The Straight 8’s, and The Spinns


Done to You (2003)

“Done to You,” Get Out of My Garage, Punk! Illbilly Records (2005)
“Friction,” The Brides of Electric Frankenstein, Varla Magazine & Conformist Records (2006)

It’s A Bad World, Baby! Bad World Records (2007)
Roctopussy Red Car Records (2008)

Several songs from both CDs have been played on stations across the country, including WFMU and Sirius. We've been played on many, many podcasts.

Set List

Our typical set lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and often includes these songs:

Bad Bad Fun Girl
Done to You
Great Bop Apocalypse
Condoms and Candy
Money Penny
Can't Cross Me
Gimme Love
Baby I Want You
Mr. Power
What You Got On

We usually throw in a cover or two, including:
Have Love, Will Travel
Paint it Black
Dirty Deeds
Little Red Riding Hood