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"Boss Stallion single"

In this month's Soundvenue you can read the excellent review of the new The Malpractice single, Boss Stallion. The magazine awards the single with 5/6 stars and these praising words.

"...he strikes a bulls-eye with this ferouciusly funky and lusciously produced fucker." - Soundvenue


After a year of intense recordings and experimental ways of working critics darling Johannes Gammelby, aka The Malpractice, is ready to add another masterpiece to his already impressive collection. TECTONICS is the first album from Johannes as The Malpractice

The album title echoes fractured surfaces and grinding elements and it is the kind of natural force that intimidates people and creates mountain ranges and tsunamis that is referred to when comparing album title with the music. The lyrics on the album on the other hand contain the raw beauty and passion embodied in the human condition. Rarely has album and lyrics met in a unison as jarring as they do on TECTONICS.

Johannes has a background in the critically acclaimed - but now dissolved - band I Am Bones and can also be experienced as guitarist and ‘screamer’ in Beta Satan who released their debut album “Girls” in 2008. The seed to The Malpractice was laid when Johannes Gammelby and Claus Johansen of Figurines one afternoon talked about their longing for a more honest and qualitative form of song writing. This credo saturates the debut album from The Malpractice.

With TECTONICS Gammelby’s talent is now completely unfolded. The brilliant melodies and his sense of effective simplicity come together in a unison rarely seen. Gammelby embraces his love for modern pop and r&b and does no longer identify himself as in opposition to pop culture. The fact that he is still a wilful and unique songwriter makes him deconstruct the pop songs from within. He is like a Justin Timberlake with enough balls to throw a pumped up, edgy guitar riff into an otherwise danceable and catchy pop song. It’s well-written as fuck, straightforward, not to mention, totally honest. It’s Johannes Gammelby – distilled, decanted and ready to consume.

All songs are written by Gammelby. He has been accompanied in the studio by Q and Kenneth N. Andersen of Beta Satan on drums and guitar respectively. Andersen has also recorded, produced and mixed the album. Morten Riis on keys (also from Beta Satan) joins them when The Malpractice performs live. Therefore, expect a relentless and competent delivery on stage.

Listen to the first singles “Oh, the Irony” and “Boss Stallion” here:
And look forward to the video for Boss Stallion which is in the making
Kind regards, CRUNCHY FROG
- Crunchy Frog

"The Malpractice"

Behind the name "The Malpractice" is singer and componist Johannes Gammelby, who might be a known name in certain indie-circles. Part guitarist and part screamer in the infernal/demonic pop band Beta Satan, and also the Maestro behind the Morningside Records band, I Am Bones. The Malpractice is the solo project of this multi talented man and Crunchy Frog welcomes him to the flock. - Crunchy Frog


Debut album - TECTONICS
1st single Oh, The Irony playing on danish national radio P3
2nd single Boss Stallion playing on danish national radio P3



The neighbours are often in for a listen when Johannes Gammelby tries to deliver an intense vocal recording at 2 am as the inspiration strikes and he can’t hold it back any longer. Here comes coffee and rarely has a human being been so speeded – solely on coffee beans. This intensity can both be heard and sensed in the Malpractice; for there is something at stake in the music and for Johannes.

The first single ”Oh, The Irony” was written in the middle of a one month long hunger experiment where breakfast had to reach until dinner. By forgetting hunger and continuing working Johannes experienced every afternoon as a state of deliria, where melodies, riffs and lyrical pieces popped up unfiltered in his mind. That kind of experiments is very telling for Gammelby. On one hand he is an average 31 years old student of aesthetics and culture from Århus, and on the other hand he is researching the remotest nooks of the everyday, dreaming of a better world containing more than… well, just plain everyday.

Johannes was both the mind behind and the front figure of the critically acclaimed – now broken up – I Am Bones, and is also guitarist and yeller in Beta Satan, who released their debut album “Girls” in 2008. The seed of The Malpractice was placed when Johannes and Claus Johansen from The Figurines one afternoon sat and talked about their longing for a more honest quality song writing. And this credo permeates the debut album from The Malpractice, which is now nearing completion. Johannes creates everything from scratch. The ideas are tested on his circle of friends counting The Figuringes, Marybell Katastrophy and the rest of Beta Satan.

Several people have throughout the years said that Johannes one day would write amazing songs. That day has come. With The Malpractice the talent is completely deployed and the dazzling melodies and the sense of the simple – but extremely powerful – form a synthesis. Gammelby embraces his love of contemporary R&B and pop and he is no longer trying to be in opposition to popular culture. That he remains a stubborn and unique songwriter only assures us that he deconstructs pop songs from within. He is a Justin Timberlake with balls enough to throw an inflated, angular guitar riff into a danceable and catchy pop song. It is well written as hell, direct, and not least raw honest. It is Johannes Gammelby - distilled, decanted and ready to be consumed.

On his blog Johannes writes partly enthusiastic, partly frustrated about the recordings of the upcoming album. It is entertaining because it is so direct and raw. Just as ecstatic the man can be about a new song, just as demeaning and self-destructively he sometimes describe the recording process. He writes honestly and with humor.