The Management

The Management


The Management sound like confused children with advanced pop sensibilities.


The Management is the synth-and-laptop wielding duo of Andrew Vanwyngarden and Beno Goldwasser. With a lyricism unusual to electronic music, the two manage to lay rich, melodic lap-pop over electro-freak dance beats. With two full-length LP’s under their belts, and a rapidly growing college fan-base (NYU, U. of Georgia, Wesleyan University), the boys are ready for their fall tour with Athens, GA. psych-poppers Of Montreal.


To Japan With Love LP (10 tracks)
Climbing To New Lows LP (12 tracks)

Set List

Typical set length: 30 minutes

Typical set:
Just Becuz
We Care
Everything's Happening So Fast
Time To Pretend
Love Always Remains
We Don't Care

Past covers: Nine Inch Nails - Closer