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"Hun in the Sun"

Finally, local rock gets it's day in the sun... in a matter of speaking. For years now, Greg Pier has been making amazing records under the name Mandate Of Heaven. Most of these records have been home-recorded and very limitedly distributed, generally by himself to friends around town. He's probably got at least 6 or 7 records out (that I know of). But for the last year he has been in and out of local 4-star studio Moresound to perfect the songs that make up this new cd. And for the first time it is professionally recorded, mixed, and packaged up, and manufactured at a reputable place. Hell, it's even got one of those fancy little stickers on the topspine. And it's all still self-released. Whatever the case, Mandate Of Heaven is finally doing something that these songs deserve. For the most part they show an even more melodic and, for lack of a better word, accessible vibe. While all previous Mandate material had some pop sensibilities these 10 tracks showcase that in a diverse way. re-recorded older songs "Sacrifice For the New Planet" and "City Of Slaves" have an almost boogie rock sound to them, while "Empty Parking Lots" and closing dirge "American Fighter Jets" take a slow, repetitive feel that is half stoner-doom fuzz and psychedelic melodica. But it might be the track right in the middle, "Apology" that is the true standout on this record. It's slow and melancholy beauty is accented by the poignant lyrics and subtle backgrounds scrawls reminiscent of "Daydream Nation"-era Sonic Youth. It's a true tearjerker and once I hit the play button for the third time the goosebumps were there upon the first note. The rest of the record tends to hit a sort of middle ground- combining the melodies true to other Mandate material, keeping a general mid-tempo feel, and Greg's always unique voice, which I have always felt is not only a bold move, but an acquired taste. He always hits the mark whether it's lower octaves or a higher register that has always reminded me slightly of Tom Veraline of Television. Personally, I really hope this garners MofH some well-deserved attention as it is a wonderful record full of beautiful songs that finally get the great recording they deserve. And from there I hope new listeners will explore some of the other material they have a well because it's all good. (Neon Witch,, - Hanging like a Hex Zine

"Real: Devil Music"


The Mandate of Heaven: Real: Devil Music CD
The mandate is Greg Pier, and Greg Pier is one of the best dudes ever.
This is because sometimes I know exactly what he is saying, and other
times I have no idea where the hell he is coming from at all. Like the
time he told me he used to wear a dead crow's head around his neck, or
when he claimed that the possibility of life existing on another planet is
the same as a grain of sand turning into a pinball machine. I still don't
get it. I remember the first time I heard Mandate of Heaven I was taken
completely by surprise. I can't say why. I just wasn't expecting it.
Not because it's good, but because it's so original. I know Greg's
influences, but his music is really unlike anything else. The songs
aren't super weird. It's just rock and roll, but it's in a mixture that
doesn't really copy anything, and that's exceptional these days. I just
want Mandate to get some great production and produce a great album, but
it's hard these days for original music to make a splash. It's too bad.
So many go unnoticed while the copycats live it up. (FBA)
Neon Witch


"We Need A Substance Now To Make Us Afraid"

Some of you may remember Mandate Of Heaven for the extremely creepy (and brilliant) album "On No Evil Star." The other two MOH albums I had before I didn't like as much, unfortunately. But the new album, "We Need A Substance Now To Make Us Afraid" seems more like what I like about MOH. It's almost a drugged kind of sound, with lyrics that sort of skulk about the edges of understandability, and instruments that roll along with the singing. Music that sort of seeps into your brain (and may occasionally terrify you when you suddenly make sense of a line in the song).
Not to mention that it has songs called "Movies are the New Real Life" and "Little Bride of Jesus." -

"New Times Top Ten Local Releases of 2001"

The New Times' Top 10 Local Releases of the Year 2000
1. The Mandate of Heaven. On No Evil Star (independent). Don't let the cheap packaging or low-fidelity sound deter you from getting to know the Mandate of Heaven. The brainchild of Fiascoes' drummer Greg Pier, the Mandate of Heaven wins the top spot in 2000 for being the most ambitious, authentic and genuinely alternative release of original work from a Syracuse artist.
2. Roosevelt Dean. Blues Heaven (Z-K Records). Dean's blend of original songs and Muddy Waters' covers speaks well of both his talent and his taste. Dubbed the "Voice of Syracuse," Dean earned the praise of Syracuse Mayor Roy Bernardi and state Sen. Nancy Larraine Hoffmann in November for his efforts on Blues Heaven, and for helping put the city's blues scene on the national map.
3. Delaney Brothers Bluegrass. Full Spectrum (independent). Brothers Ray and John play bluegrass like they mean it, making the most out of simple yet elegant arrangements, the stellar bowing of violinist Joe Davoli and the picking of Scott Corbett on banjo. Honest, reverent and energetic, Full Spectrum lives up to its title - Syracuse New Times

"Fading Hectographs were their Fact Saws"

The Mandate of Heaven,"Fading Hectographs Were Their Fact Saws" (Neon Witch)
A veritable one-man band, The Mandate of Heaven is the labor of love of Greg Pier, whose latest nine-song offering displays a smattering of indie rock influence from Dinosaur Jr. to Weezer to Death From Above 1979. This Syracuse, NY native’s jaded rock shines best with a little dirt under the nails on songs like “The Knife is a Labor Saving Device” and the trip-laden rhythm of “Men of Science”. Most effective when melancholic, The Mandate of Heaven’s neo-hippie flare, laid back noise rock zeal, and cohesive yet subversively underground recording emanates a left of center rock stance that rarely misfires and stays one step above the norm, resulting in a compelling listening experience. -

"Burn Me For Your Friends (best of comp)"

The Mandate of Heaven is one man's musical vision fleshed out into 13 tasty nuggets of DIY indie rock that will swirl around your head like sugarplums on Christmas morn. Greg Pier's style falls somewhere between the psychedelic Dave Wyndorf and the slacker J. Mascis, with neither getting an edge. This Syracuse native's penchant for hard hitting melodies can best be found on tracks like the clubbing "Real Devil Music" and the fuzzed out "Loved", times where Pier truly shines like an indie rock deity. If you like your music lo-fi and full of zest, check out the quirky brilliance of The Mandate of Heaven.



All releases are full-length LPs. All releases are performed, recorded and mixed by Greg Pier at Neon Witch Studios unless otherwise noted.

1."On No Evil Star"
released 2000 on vinyl and cd
Re-Released in 2007 on NOISEVILLE RECORDS as NOISEVILLE #74
mastered by Doug White at Watchmen Studios

2."Real: Devil Music"
released 2001 on cd
engineered by Dave Hurwitz at Bus Stop Studio
mixed by Alex Smolinski at Frankensound

3."The Last Hair of the Dog"
released 2001 on cd
recorded by Andrew Everding at Balfour Audio Lab

4."Arisen Eye is Feudist Fiend"
released 2003 on cd
mixed and mastered by Jason Randall at More Sound

5."The Eight Talker Mouths: SSSuperhuman"
released 2003 on cd

6."We Need a Substance Now to Make Us Afraid"
released 2004 on cd
mastered at Coyote Sound, Brooklyn

7."The Next Valley Over"
released 2005 on cd

8."Fading Hectographs Were Their Fact Saws"
released 2005 on cd

9."Hun In The Sun"
released 2006 on cd
Featuring Bob Kane on drums and Gregg Johnson on bass
produced, mixed and mastered by Jason Randall at More Sound

10."The King Has No Sting"
released 2009



Mandate of Heaven is an all-original indie rock outfit from the Syracuse area, centered around music primarily written by multi-instrumentalist Greg Pier. Although "Mandate of Heaven" usually describes a 3-to-4-piece group, it is also the title Greg has used for his solo performances and recordings (still appropriate, however, since most recordings feature Pier playing every instrument).

There are ten full-length MofH LPs to date, all self released on Pier's imprint, Neon Witch. The MofH debut lp, ON NO EVIL STAR, has also been re-released on NOISEVILLE RECORDS, home to outsider and psychedelic artists such as CHROME, UNHOLY GRAVE, and HELIOS CREED.

Many different musicians have performed with Pier as part of Mandate of Heaven, at one point or another, since the band's inception in the late 90's, including:

THURSDAY keyboardist Andrew Everding

MATADOR RECORDS alumni Steve Cerio (Railroad Jerk, Dee Dee Ramone, The Residents).

The current lineup includes FLASHING ASTONISHER veterans Bob Kane and Chuck Gwynn.

Jason Randall, producer and manager of reggae blockbusters JOHN BROWN'S BODY, was added on second guitar in the fall of 2008.