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The Manhattan Project


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"No Heroes E.P." <2001>
(Gemini Productions)

"Vindication Demo" <2002>
(Gemini Productions)

"The Sounds of Vindication"
(Forsaken Recordings)
*samples available on

"A Life In Blue E.P."
(Black Box Mix Tapes)
*samples available on
/themanhattanprojectnc &


Feeling a bit camera shy


Greensboro, North Carolina

Started in February 2000
Broke up in Febraury 2004
Started (again) in February 2007

Released "The Sounds of Vindication" in October 2003 on Forsaken Recordings and "A Life In Blue E.P." in April 2007 on Black Box Mix Tapes.


This was a band, built from nothing. No music scene, no fashion, no shoulders to stand on, no vision in sight. Just a bunch of teenagers making music that became a force to truly be reckoned with.

In the years that The Manhattan Project fought the good fight, they were met with nothing but hardships along the way. Eventually, the overbearing nature of a flooded market for extreme music, coupled with the discontent of the band members for the state of affairs of the loud music scene, left them nowhere to go. Clawing away at the sinking grave of metal music, and after seemingly endless strings of bad tours, poor decisions and just downright shitty luck, combined with being completely broke and tackled only left these men loving each other even more for being so pure in the battle to create something from nothing.

In 2004, the fight was over. Rick left to pursue other things and after growing up together as a band, it was time to lay this one to rest.... But sometimes sleeping dogs wake up, and in the summer of 2006 they did. The Manhattan Project reunited older, wiser and equipped to surmount the paradigms that held them in the past. Time apart seemed only to fuel the fire of inspiration to create the most intense and powerful music possible.


In the short time since their reformation, The Manhattan Project has writen, recorded and released an E.P. titled "A Life In Blue", a breathtakingly epic 17-minute concept record about a bluesman selling his soul to the Devil at the crossroads of the Mississippi delta. "A Life In Blue" has been described as "the soundtrack to the descent into Hell": appropriate considering this is exactly what it was intended to be. Once again ignoring genres and scenes, The Manhattan Project pull no punches and undauntedly dive straight into music that does a surprisingly good job of conjuring visual images of dusty crossroads, mysterious midnight exchanges and a postmortem swirl of fire somewhere between the perfect torture of a Dantean epic and the pure terror of a really bad acid-trip.


The Manhattan Project have played and toured with several national acts including:
Code Seven
Darkest Hour
Between the Buried and Me
He Is Legend
Clouds (Cave In & Hope Conspiracy)
The Esoteric (Ex-Coalesce)
Majority Rule
This Runs Through
Priority One
The Necessary (House of Fools)