The Manichean

The Manichean

 Houston, Texas, USA

We are here to change you, to sway you and stain you with breathlessness and reverence. Our live performances are an affair of sweat and lust and limbs akimbo. The story we're telling is one of death and resurrection, love and insanity. We are a collective of revenants. We are The Manichean.


The Manichean - LOVERS

Imagine discovering a drawer filled with love poetry scrawled by Anonymous. The lines contain references to Greek myth, great cats, blood, wings, orchids. The description of desire between the two lovers depicted is so naked, raw and unabashedly romantic, you might think you were reading a lost cache of William Blake as a young, untethered hedonist.

“Kindling for infinity,” he might write.

Now imagine that these words are actually yours, that the unfamiliar text rings of emotions and catharses long abandoned to that drawer you never intended to open again, but you did.

And now you can’t put down the pages. The words become a screenplay for a surreal film whose plot is dictated by dream logic and symbolism; disembodied voices assume their roles in a ghostly, atmospheric flashback to when falling in love felt like being burned alive.

Now imagine the soundtrack.

~Troy Shulze, 2012



Written By: The Manichean

the beast says, "i am but a messenger, a path unto yourself.
but i bet, no i suspect that in the the garden you would forget
that the wolf in you could rest.
all your fears will rise at dawn."

she said, "i am but a troubled passenger, don't trust me.
i am just your murderer. i was here to bring you back from the dead...
but we rose Lacerus instead.
you_have suffered a blow to the head."

i see your bet, i'll raise your voice.
i've said too much, you were meant to die.
tooth and knee, you're on your feet.
simply breathe, disappear, then repeat.

break me into the breeze and cry...
now exhale.
the dead should only sigh.

Laughter (Sigh)

Written By: Cory Sinclair

Breathe it in...

The Gosling

Written By: Cory Sinclair

With care I collected a fistful of stars inspired by your curves, which you use so well, and with ease I spread them across your face to light my way home.

So why sit here in the dark when there are just so many perfect things to be seen: passionate, tragic, caused by a lonely spark that I've left hidden for you in vault behind my eyes, with such sweet and such solemn surprise.

Let you bat your eyelids
Just to focus mine.
Is your wingspan endless?

Are there consequences
Of a patient mind?
If your motion finished,
I might be, I...

Is the moonlight waning?
Are your temples burning?
I'll let you, I'll let you...
A fine life
But you have my sympathy.

If the well seems faithless,
Is your water blind?
Well then I might just climb down...

Are your feathers bathing
In such peaceful night?
I'll let you, I'll let you...


There you go! You put a gun to my head and run away with my breath down XOXO lined with promises of cigarettes and vodka to keep us warm for tonight... Tonight...
If only for tonight... Then I can just, collapse...

Shed your broken windows,
Leave the glass behind,
Let your ghost become me, flightless.

Your grace alludes the pavement
But you were already mine.
I'll let you go. I'll let you
Flash your eyes, girl,
You have my sympathy.

If they prove your fate then
Will you trust their kind?
If the well seems faithless
I might just climb down.

And if all of this is fleeting?
If the wrong part of me is bleeding?
If the wolf in the yard is still feeding...


Pull back your hair,
Not that you need to, coz you don't.

Then clip your wings,
Now that you've snuck behind my throat.


Written By: Cory Sinclair

This time the verdict's from your mouth.
This time you'll meet somebody new.
This time you'll get to know to feel her
And keep the garden in full bloom.

But she's not dancing anymore.
She's just lying on the floor.

The red-breast scarf around her throat,
The scent of duct tape and warm tears.
Now look at all the time that you have left to fill her
With painted whispers, shades of fear.

Her skin's not moving anymore
With so much blood across the floor.

"She's brighter today, bright as whispers..."

(Just close your eyes
One last time.)

Go to sleep, just go to sleep,
Don't wait for me, just pray for me.

Asleep, no more dreams, just underneath.
No more questions, no more screams.
Bless all your deeds, and transform me.

Sleep, you're so pacifist,
I don't wanna be pissed off anyway.
A bright-eyed masochist, I'm innocent,
I don't want your blush and kiss.
Sleep, I don't want it,
I don't want it, I don't care about it.

Nothing left to prove, nowhere else to go
Nothing better, god, soon I'll let you go.
Serendipity, all you're left to know;
Soon I'll let you go, soon I'll let you go.

Between Orchids & Collar Bones

Written By: Cory Sinclair

You always made such perfect sense through your teeth clenched.
You would scatter the dishes with nothing but whispers and pretext.

I always made such the perfect mess with my defense.
I would shatter the glasses, ashes to ashes to sleep.

But these nights seem more like motives to me.

So hand me your ashes, hand me your angels.
Show me you angles, filthy with whispers
And wipe all your kisses from my collarbones.
Please just take me home.


And she enters the room the way she always does,
And his pulse flickers the way it always does.
But as angry with himself as he is, he truly fears expressing his anger
Lest it make things worse.

And if he is so angry with her?
For whatever it was she broke and however it was she tossed it away,
He becomes so embattled that he cannot stand being in the same room
With the former beloved; the object of such obsession.

He is wounded and has lost so much blood that he holds himself back
From showing reaction of any kind, insofar as it is possible.
Others, however, can see that he looks desolate, sighs deeply,
And is close to tears.


You always wore such the perfect smile, just like orchids,
But I always measured pain before pleasure
Just before I fell asleep.

But these nights seem more like motives to me.

So hand me your ashes, hand me your angels.
Show me you angles, filthy with whispers,
And wipe all your kisses from my collarbones.
Please just drive me home.


Written By: Cory Sinclair

Do you remember the smell of the rain?
Do you recall the curve of my veins?
Do you remember?

I took my time with it, I've thought it through and through.
I'm but a child of wolves and so are you.

But do you remember
How you arrived?

I bit the rose from it and you just winked at me,
A bitter blessing from the 'Fates that be.'
I've kept my guard down that you would comfort me,
A certain sign that you might one day be mine.

I bit my cheek of it, you just envelope me,
A drop of blood until the water's clean,
I've cut my fingers leaving you letters.
I swam across, do you remember me?

Her & Him...
Do you remember?

Oh, invoke my name and
What good am I?
If you would invoke my name then
Of what curse am I?

If you embrace my praises,
I might never try
To reach your soft sunrise.
You'll never learn,
No one survives.
There is no sun without her soft surprise.

I don't remember your pallor nor embrace,
I can't recall the smell of the rain.

I fed the flower, allegedly to few.
Am I the Swan, the Sparrow, or are you?

I took my time with it, I've thought it through and through.
I'm just a child of birds and so are you.

Do you remember the swerve and the crave?
You still recall the curve of my veins.

The Swan

Written By: Cory Sinclair

I might be wrong
But I expect this psalm to set things straight,
To figure out that she's the Swan's embrace.

To watch her on the beach.
To touch her legs and knees.
To be the only thing the she won't forget.

You might belong to him
But you taste the beast the same
And every time I kneel towards the sun
I am one; I am Autumn's fawn.

To cross her heart and hips.
To touch and taste her lips.
To be the only thing she won't forget.


To watch her on the beach.
To bless her hands and feet.
Her breath against the breeze.

To taste her tongue and teeth.
To brush against her leaves
And walk above the sea.

A kiss upon the cheek.
A soft epiphany.
(To watch her on the beach.)
To be the only thing she won't forget.

The Sparrow

Written By: Cory Sinclair

Fade back, don't say that!
Undress you, avert you...

Forgetting fear,
Giving it birth,
Allowing it something without your mother.

I suppose the structure might gain from the fire.

I am the mirror,
I am the nature of your sin.

A slumber in feathers, the father wept.
He could never have followed this path.

Am I not just as you had planned?
(Can't you hear the laughter?)
(Can't you feel your soul?)
Am I just as wicked as you then?

I'll follow you, I'll follow you, I'll follow you, I'm sure...

A dying god is less obscure;
Persephone, my love endures,
Eleusian forevermore.


Fade back, don't say that!
Who do you think you are?

Doubting the worth of origin,
Read me the texture of your skin.

Ever the victor with a red halo;
You would have left me dead in the snow.

Allowing it structure, but letting it burn,
Leaving your phosphorus eyelids open.

Bloodlust, Amen.
I am demure,
yet I am a man.

Can't you hear the laughter in your soul?
Don't you see the rapture in my eyes?

I'll follow you, I'll follow you, I'll follow you, I'm sure...

A crying god for me to lure,
Oh Angelus, I am pure, I am pure.

Kiss your flesh and drink your cure;
A fallen shadow I endure,
Diluvian forevermore.


And all of this? It's all despite,
The warmest wings ignore the light.
And loneliness, I know you're right...
I see the Sparrow's fate is mine.


LOVERS [LP - 2012]
Sakura [LP - 2011]
Lacerus Rising [EP - 2010]
Whispers [EP - 2010]
Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven [Single - off the compilation New Tales to Tell: A Tribute to Love and Rockets - 2009]

Set List

Laughter (Sigh)
The Gosling
Between Orchids & Collar Bones
The Swan
The Sparrow