The Manor

The Manor


Our band presents a melodic sound which is unique and dynamic and can be enjoyed by a wide age group. The vocals are clean, choruses are catchy and will have you singing. The lyrics approach universal topics from a new angle, and the beats and tempo of the songs are fluid and full of energy.


The Manor was formed as an ACCIDENTAL success. The spark that started their eagerness to make music was found when members Ruben Moore (drums), Marcos Mills(guitar/vocals), and Jonathan Lorenzo (keys/vocals), who lived together, decided to try out for the University of Florida's biggest Homecoming show, Gator Growl. Though this attempt was considered a joke at the time, the response given from the over 1000 in attendance in the final audition stirred a need to continue and feed the musical potential that was almost overlooked. With this passion, they worked quickly to release a 5 song EP called Fine Lines and already have been compared to the sounds of Maroon 5 and The Fray. Influences from the likes of The Beatles, The Fray, Paolo Nutini, Coldplay, U2 and John Mayer has helped The Manor to produce a sound that people in all age groups and styles can identify with while incorporating their own unique sound. They are currently working on their first album that will be available fall 2009.


A Bullet Versus A Question

Written By: Marcos Mills

Verse 1
You seem to come with an asterisk on the top right
Of your silhouette and I’d expect its been there all your life.
It says to me…….. oh it says to me.

You tell me this you say I missed the emphasis on what your’re saying
For me to honestly be listening you’ll have to say it
So much louder….with so much power…

Cause everything you’re telling me I can not say that I agree

You….always shoot first and ask questions later
Truth….is a damsel in distress and I can not save her now

Verse 2
Your word, you’ll promise I’ll want it like a carotid artery
Rushes blood in my head, without it I can not think
And so I try……all day all night.

To ignore your every word, everything you’ve said I’ve heard
Can’t you tell that I prefer that you stop talking stop talking now
Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooohhhhhhh

Cause everything you’re telling me I can not say that I agree


*Bass line


Land Mines

Written By: Marcos Mills

Verse 1
Last night, drank too much
Found myself in a place I had never been
All the lines, all the boundaries
They turned in to something so irrelevant
And so I, crossed all the lines
Just this once just because for the hell of it.
Oh but I, oh I, I should have stayed.

And if it’s wrong I’m sorry, I came across you in my mind
Like a man walking old battlefields, and stepping on a mine.
Laying on my back with my eyes to the sky its easy to remember
And hard to deny, that I’ve ever seen a smile like yours.
No I’ve never seen a smile like yours.

Verse 2
I woke up, with a pounding head
Found myself in a place I had never been
I had dreamt, as I slept,
I understood the things you could not get me to get.
And I remembered what you told me, remembered it this morning
Remembered what you said and I don’t think that I’ll forget
You said, nothing lasts forever here no, nothing lasts forever here no.


Last night, drank too much
Found myself, in a place, I had never been.

Oh but I……oh I, I should have stayed.

New Years

Written By: Marcos Mills

Verse 1
Well Darlin’ were you ever
We both know you were never,
Too keen on the between the lines.

And baby when it surfaced
That maybe its not worth it
Did you scream what does this mean in your mind.

And the things that I can not control
Well I’ll have to learn to let go
To guard my heart at times.

You’re gonna miss me on New Years
As the crowd counts down from ten.
You’re gonna think of me the way I’m bound
to think of you Again and Again.

Verse 2
You show the world your wounds
But the world won’t comfort you
Sympathy, trust me, is gone.

So now you clench your fist,
Grind your teeth and bite your lips,
Suddenly, you will see you were wrong.


And suddenly, you will see….
And suddenly, you will see….
And suddenly you believe…..
And suddenly you believe, you believe, you believe

An Allegation

Written By: Marcos Mills

Verse 1
Only for one second did i
Actually believe that sometimes
I could not let all of it pass me by.

And only for one moment did you
Think anybody could not see through
Your defense, was so convinced, ever since it pass you by.

All in all you say its gonna work itself out,
But seeing what I’ve seen I don’t see what you’re talking about.
What you’re talking about

Cause I know
What we’ll do
Is gonna have to hold, a whole lot more than what we’ve done.

And I know
What we’ll be
Well it just might, have to fight, who we’ve become.

Verse 2
I know that in one moment it
Can turn into the opposite
Of what I thought now what I’ve got is really not what was in mind

A change of pace, a change of direction
It turns my truths to misconceptions
My certainties start crumbling in front of me, in my mind…

All in all you say its gonna work itself out,
But seeing what I’ve seen I don’t see what you’re talking about..
What you’re talking about



Fine Lines EP - Annihilation Recordings

This EP Has recieved airplay from Evolution 107.9(Canada), as well as, and we are part of a "Best of Indie Compilation" from

Set List

1. A Bullet Vs A Question
2. I Will Go
3. New Years
4. The Medley(Beatle's Cover of With a Little Help From My Friends, Hey Jude, and All You Need is Love)
5. The Shift
6. Constant
7. Afloat
8. The Real Thing
9. An Allegation

1. Time after Time (Quietdrive)
2. Semi Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)
3. How to Save a Life (The Fray)
4. Absolutely (Nine Days)
5. My Own Worst Enemy (Lit)
6. Jumper/3am Acoustic (Third Eye Blind/Matchbox 20)
7. Santeria (Sublime)
8. Under the Bridge (RHCP)
9. Californication (RHCP)

Playing originals and covers our set could be up to an hour and a half. We are currently writing new songs as well.