The Manzanita Band

The Manzanita Band


The Manzanita Band is perfect for your event because we play hits from the 50's to today, have a lower overall volume, play danceable music and enthusiastically engage the audience.


The members of The Mogul Band have been carefully chosen by band founder and 40+ year Bay Area performer Brian Gardner, as musicians that enjoy interacting with and performing FOR the audience. Each of the members have been influenced by different styles of music which give the band a fresh sound when performing songs that one might have heard many times before. Playing hits and other good songs from the 50's to today is challenging - but the members of The Manzanita Band enjoy what they have put together and audiences respond to their light hearted attitude towards performance. Book then and see what we mean...


Samples of The Manzanita Band music is currently in progress - please check back.

Set List

The Manzanita Band plays 45 minute sets, unless we work out other arrangements with the contact that has hired us - such as would be the case for Weddings and some Wineries. We are VERY easy to work with. The Manzanita Band plays 90% covers with about 1 very danceable and or listenable original composition per set. We play Beatles, Country & Western Hits, hits from the 50's up to today and blues, pop and other memorable songs. If you need to see it please request our current set list.