Manzo - is a magical evening creatin, get crazy with his feet, super suave, dancin fool ass, next level beats makin babies on a microphone, havin broccoli and cheese soup eatin, rappers for breakfast and ya girl for dinner with yerbe mate tea drinkin Entertainer... His performances are raw and his songs are relatable. He's a peculiar fellow but irresistibly charming.

"If I fail, I try again. If I quite, then I looz." - Manzo


Born September 11, 1986 in Conroe, Texas to a single mother. After winning an amateur talent show his freshman year of High school, Anthony C. Manzo decided to retire as a point guard on the High school basketball team and form a band. MANZO took the role of drummer in the band after noticing the difficulty in finding a good one, “which is still applicable today,” says MANZO. The group was short lived but did manage to complete an EP, which was produced by MANZO and co-written with then guitarist, Dustin Smith. Despite little exposure the group received, MANZO gained early experience and knowledge as a live performer and musician. This would lead the young craftsman to back Orlando’s top local groups as well as legends such as DMC of Run-DMC. MANZO would eventually run into producer, Tony Battaglia, who’s roster includes Keith Richards, Mandy Moore and Shinedown to name a few. Tony noticed potential in a young, ambitious MANZO, and encouraged him to record and perform his own material. Co- producing Tony Battaglia’s first solo album and coming off a sold out debut show, MANZO looks to grow his audience as he prepares for the release of his new material.


EP "Black Muse" - Red
EP - "No Circus" - No Circus
"The Reason" - Thomas Wynn & The Believers
"The Relic" - Tony Battaglia

Set List

20 - 60 Min. performance tailored to the venue.
60 - 240 Min. DJ Set
30 - 240 Min. Acoustic Set