The MAP Project

The MAP Project

 Caloundra, Queensland, AUS

a soulful, timeless and universal sound with no age barriers or limits


The M.A.P.P (Massey, Ando, Phil Project) is a group on a journey to perfection. With a laid back approach to breaking away from the norm and really stepping outside the box, the band comprises of not only the musicians, but all of the humble souls, supporters and inspirations they connect with along the way. The brains behind the music being the naturally gifted Massey Smith, with his lyrics ranging from expressing love for his family, to losing himself in his own emotions and all the way through to sticking it to 'the man'. This coupled with the soul and personality of both Chris Anderson and Phil Roach form the solid core of The MAP Project that you will see getting around the Sunshine Coast and QLD at present. With the plan to spread their message to Oz and the rest of the world, The MAP Project is a must see act.


My Ether

Written By: Massey Smith

I waited for you in primary school,
Sat there waiting contemplating waiting for your view,
But in the darkness I think I found your soul at hand,
I am bound for days to roam this land.
I close my eyes to see you,
I close my ears to hear you,
and here we are how, fine it is to have you on this journey with me. (x2)
I waited for you in high school too,
Sat there waiting contemplating hoping for your view,
And in the darkness I think I found your soul at hand,
We are bound for days, to roam this land,
Whoa yeah.


Written By: Massey Smith

Close your eyes leave all your troubles behind,
Yes its fine,
Come kick it with me in my imagination,
In my imagination.
Well sometimes my mind plays these tricks on me,
Sometimes I find that my mind,
Climbs higher than it should climb,
Up my imagination,
I’m contemplating, hesitating on exploitating,
My mind, which you’ll find,
In time our minds they will shine when they wanna shine,
You can’t put a time on mine,
Show me these purple elephants,
Of twisted intelligence,
Extension on tolerance,
Dimensional clearance in my mind,
Stop rewind, now what the fuck did you find,
Ain’t nothing in here but what,
Subliminal messages can’t breathe.

No Digits

Written By: Massey Smith


No money house no car no credit no digits forget it. (x4)

Without no cash no ass ain’t no faking on money making,
Cash changing the situation, face it,
Hooked up from your head down to your toe,
Think that be enough for the most glamorous hoe,
No need to get your hair done, who to impress,
I’m at work seven days a week just to get the best,
Finer things in life like your Gucci dress,
You obsess with all the money that this world possess,
And caress blank cheques like a thug licked breast,
Don’t get lost in the mix of a money hungry trick,
Is it too late could you be that far gone,
Shall I pull down the wool lady be gone,
Said it’s so easy to be sleazy when the pockets grown,
Not easy to be sleazy when the pockets gone,
I’m right up on top get my message through these airwaves,
No G’s up in your pocket and no chance of getting.


Now you that ‘average Joe’ with no credit card,
Eighty thousand dollar cars and sex is hard,
To even contemplate,
No G’s no strings no snatch no date no chairs and no plates,
Sad but true,
But see it ain’t been changing no rearranging all still remaining,
Yeah you got that body and yeah you got that bust,
But no matter how booming no reason to consume crust,
I live for these players getting laid and then pay later,
Like poontang navigators tell it like we narrators for real,
It’s the deal like fettuccini and veal,
Today’s women eat me up like we a three course meal,
Now don’t be hating baby girl I will admit,
The world means nothing without you in it,
But understand my queries on you loving me,
You used to be bout fucking me but now you bout currency.

I See

Written By: Massey Smith

We conspire,
Thought through thought main plain life exchange,
One sane entity lifting us endlessly,
A part we soon to be one whole galaxy free,
Of brutality heinsites realities,
Take with us values and all our families,
Life sources energy next stop is affinity,
Time for us people to step it up to this place,
Outta space gotta gravitate to wait,
This love is hate,
Equally spread through you and me like animosity,
Souls divide awakening for us all to see,
Never to fall always to rise,
Life’s energy source is our prize so.
Why do I see in front of me, brutality,
For a cause that we’ll never know,
What do I see in front of me, brutality,
For these wars that they’ll never breathe.
A little lone walking society,
They pass down riotry governing life for personal gain,
Shame minor management just to pew his own planes,
To enforce death and fucking oil change,
Demented mind’s foundations where we are from,
But I’m begging my pardon from the greats,
Separate from all the wrong that was done,
Now there’s no rewinding no denying no next generation divide and,
Well as for you, you and your crew,
George W the people say fuck you,
For every bomb that you’ve dropped and all these kids that bleed,
Let it soak up in your brain and spleen.
I think you’ve done enough now enough blood has shed,
Move on,
I think you’ve done enough now for our seas have spread,
Move on,
Mother nature has called your ways to an end won’t you just,
Move on.


Written By: Massey Smith

Ninety percent of my mind downward escalating with you,
And with ten percent of my heart rising far too high for you to view,
All these un-natural peak rendezvous.
And it’s like every second day is like the weekend,
Creeping closer to me un-strain these simple visions don’t blame,
The game in which it contains peaks that leak in my brain,
I got myself to blame.
And no sympathy no regrets on where that’s taking me,
Shaked and baked me from dance floors to Beenleigh,
I’ve got harmony in which I find simple generosity,
Confused with hospitality.
So I guess I best explain in attempt to restrain the pain,
Which will follow with rain,
These following days will never make up for,
One night walking these clouds accent on this sound.
But there I go again with my expectations,
Minor rearrangements in which I will be facing,
I know that doors were there that should have been locked,
Now I’m stuck in this public paradox.
Peak rendezvous
She be popping in the club with a strobe and a yip-yip yah!


Ablum Title
Chapter 1 - MASSEY
Available for purchase on itunes, napster, reverbnation, myspace and more. 10 tracks

Set List

originals and original covers. covers range from marvin gaye, finger eleven, sam sparrow, 50 cent, the comittments, james blunt, the potbelleez, the gorillaz, jamiraquai and many more. All your favourite songs with a fresh and funky flavour added to each one.