The March Hare

The March Hare


The March Hare wants to make you laugh, cry, dance, clap your hands, and occasionally sit back and say ‘whoa’. TMH's emotional music is complete with poppy harmonies, funky hooks, classical countermelodies, and slow beauty played against balls-to-the-wall rock and the occasional hardcore roar.


The March Hare wants to make you laugh, cry, dance, clap your hands, and occasionally sit back and say 'woah.' We're silly when we're sad, and crazy when we're on stage. We make our music with our hearts and our minds. We make music because we can't imagine not making music, because without it we'd burst at the seams with sorrow, rage, love, and limitless joy and awe at the living world. We are explorers, experimenters, gatherers of new influences, and we do not sit still. The March Hare of yesterday is not The March Hare of today, is not The March Hare of tomorrow. We will have failed only if we have ceased to grow. You have found The March Hare. If you like it, tell your friends. If you hate it, tell your enemies.


Assembly Line

Written By: The March Hare

painted skies are humming like death
sampled in knifing spaces lest we forget
the blooming isle thats gliding through
the essence of what we keep now ensues

void dreams, the brains vacancy
the rain lulls the air to sleep

isnt it great when we all spit on the sing along?
isnt it fake when the gun coughs up its lung?
why did we start chewing right to the bone?
did we forget and die so long ago?

you said it was raining when the shell became human
then his eyes turned off
hes all alone

closer and closer nerves are moving too slow
patterns of origin are these limbs intact: unknown

The Fetal Whims:
but everythings okay
pushing like history
but everythings okay
the funeral pyre shouts out:

"hes all alone, hes all alone"

The Senses:
coma presents a facing threat
translucent in the scene

a movie set!
anchor the coffin though its pointless to
diagnose the disease when its rusted through

will this transmission
will this transmission
fill the void where the compass broke in two?

hush the winds exhaled
hush the winds exhaled
the salt water tastes of mace all through

villain! villain!
dont stop, engulf!
villain! villain!
death carves the youth!

wrap the gauze in cellophane
to guard the ring from the telephone station
carpe diem! cant stop til hes
medicated a simple numbed sequence

void dreams the brains vacancy
the rain lulls the air to sleep
his dreams are a void shunted sleep
the rain drowns whatever breathes

Through The Attic

Written By: The March Hare

well youve done it again
still portrait mouth trembling in guilt
weaving smiles for hymns and calls
I ascend drunk in my thoughts
through the attic door

oh no youve done it again

stars twinkle in your heart

well youve done it again
still starboard prayers define my will
deep within this vast foxhole
radio my barcode soul

you can only deceive memoirs of the mind

my name dear boy is Amelia and youre not dreaming
the whims now deal in gnosticism and think youre scheming
my name dear boy, my name dear boy
my name dear boy is Amelia
I know you came

through the attic


Written By: The March Hare

you turned your eyes to mine
two lights flashed in the darkness
i swore i saw you sitting next to me

the road slick with regret
twists in a dance with a scarred quartet
and squeals a muted twilight prayer

tell me that youre not dead
tell me that youre still here
tell me that the radio lies

no more flight
cause the pilots dead
and now youre alone
or escape in a lie

you can fly you can fly

shes alive shes alive

in the cold wind you suffer

and id hang from the strings of the satellite
while plucking tunes with the melody
of the last words that you said,
"i wont be coming home tonight"

and id shatter into a million pieces just
to fit through the sieve of death
if i could find you waiting there
saying, "im on your side"

won't you stay here with me
by the ashen breeze
we'll all die in our sleep
we could all die in our sleep
let's all die in our

she screams at the leaves, "dont consume me"
siphon every hint

while he reads scripts to learn the end

the apparition bends to a serpent pendulum in doubt
the widowed haunts predicted it
the apparition bends to a serpent pendulum in doubt
caught in seconds counting 'til

my addiction bears you a tomb to display
the mappings of hell
while Dante decays

sunsetter rejoice
sunsetter create
I can't remember your face...

all that remains
are black box conversations
telephone wires
and old love letters
i cant remember your face

i watched the car fly in the sea
was pilot sitting next to me?
right next to me

all that remains is a name in the paper


People Dressed as People EP
>Recorded in 2006 at The Music Shop
>Features 5 original songs, including:
-Through the Attic
-Skeleton Opera
-Assembly Line
>All tracks are available for free, high-quality download at

The March Hare Demo
>Completed in Spring of 2005, self-recorded
>Features 3 TMH smash-hits:
- Skeleton Opera
- Home Is But a Dull Fading Light
- The Errata Dialogues

Set List

Typical TMH Setlist:
>Mr. Nimbus
>Clay Pigeon Chemist
>Third Law
>Through The Attic
>Skeleton Opera
>Assembly Line
approx. set run time: 40-45 mins.

We have at least another equally long set of material, and we might catch you off guard with some out covers...