The Marching Crayons

The Marching Crayons

 Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

We have a kind of Indy/Lounge feel...with a bit of Tom Waits/Modest Mouse influence. Think of us as improv musicians with catchy riffs and powerful vocals/lyrics.


Who we are or where we came from are the least important things...But, The Marching Crayons sprung about in July of 2010 in Hot Springs, AR. Well, at least that's the date in which we espoused the title of the Marching Crayons...Dustin, Travis, & Zaq were originally in a band entitled AVA. To make a long story short, AVA wasn't successful in even the slightest aspect. So, We decided to throw away all previous perceptions of how we should be; and we began doing things in a more free and natural manor. So, we acquired Sean...and thus, The Marching Crayons were born!


We are currently working on our debut EP